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Anh Do


Andrew Van

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Anh Do

Anh Do Anh do is a famous Vietnamese-born Australian Actor, Author and Comedian.
He was born on the 2nd of June 1987. Vietnam Sydney The boat was 9.5m long to 2m wide with 40 people crammed on. He sailed across the Indian ocean to escaped the Vietnam war. He was attack by pirates twice. Luckily, he and his family survived. After sailing for 5 days, Do and his family was rescured by a German Merchant Ship and was sent to Sydney where his new life began. Anh Do Challenges Some of the challenges Anh Do had to face was escaping the Vietnam War, surviving on a full boat for 5 days with 40 refugees, surviving the attack of 2 pirates gang and not able to eat and drink for 5 days on the boat. Challenges when he arrived in Australia. Even though Anh and his family made it to a country where freedom exist, he still had to face even more challenges ahead of him. He had to start working really hard to support his family. But good thing came out of it. He had a loving extended family and new friends to play and laugh about with. Anh do and his family escaped on a fishing boat to get away from the Vietnam War Anh Do Inspiration Bye Anh's Dad Anh Do Anh Do had many inspiration in his life since he came to Australia as a refugee. 2 important inspiration that changed his life was his family and a comedian he met. When Anh as 13 his dad left home and that made his mother job harder to look after the family. This made Anh feel sorry for his mother so he was determine to work hard for his mother sake. Time to work hard! Anh's Mum Ok How Anh became a comedian Comedian I only work for 4 hours Anh Do Anh do became a comedian by meeting another comedian when he was about to sign a job that made you worked for 60 hour per week. Anh at the time was young and didnt know much about comedy. So he started asking the comedian about his job. When the comedian told him that he just had to worked for 4 hour a day and get paided a lot, Anh stop and relised that it was time for him to be a comedian aswell. (.o.)" Life so far for Anh Do Anh do is now one of Australia's loved and favourite Comedian. He made a book called 'The Happiest Refugee' about his past life. I reckon that Anh would sometimes would reflected back at his life and think of how he coped with his family when it all happen. If i had to have the life of Anh Do past life and up until now then i would think how amazing and lucky that someone could survive somthing terrible as the Vietname War and become a very famous comedian. Anh Do biggest achievement in life was to buy his mother a house for her to end her hard life. Life of Anh Do Thank you for listening to my presentation
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