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ENGL 240 - Examples of Poor Emails

No description

Ray Schmidt

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of ENGL 240 - Examples of Poor Emails

Examples of Poor Emails
Ms. W!!!!
Wazzup? girl tell me what we have to do for Friday bcuz I take 3 claeses and wrk 15 hrs/wk and I dont have time 2 git to a comupter to look n e thing up I rlly like your cls bcuz your funny well let me know cuz im a rlly gd stdt and need a A in you’re cls.
Mr. XXX,
Why did you give me an F? I attended most of the classes and at least tried to understand the materials. I think I deserved at least a passing grade. I studied hard for the exam in hopes that I would at least pass the class. Now I am behind another 2 semesters because I have to retake this class and then take Managerial Acct. Can you please reconsider? Hope to hear from you soon.
Practice writing good emails while in college.
I Submitted my papewr on time, but I forgot to check the in text citation and submitted a copy with them all messed up, anyway I resubmitted it today to fix this, but i know that’ late, so just letting you know the paper part was in on time, but the in text citation was not.
Email content
You really irritated our customers yesterday. We need to talk about it.
There are extra Girl Scout Cookies in the break room!
"I don't like the way you made the decision to go forward, Jerry." (AND sent as a Reply All)
If is still for sale please get in touch with me. Btw, i want to see it asap. Bottom price? Thank you
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