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Scientology. A Religion or Cult?

No description

Ryan Middle

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Scientology. A Religion or Cult?

Scientology: A Religion or Cult? Overview A Dangerous Cult A Practiced Religion South Park The Church of Scientology was created in 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer. Since then, there has been much controversy to whether it should be classified as a legitimate church, or a cult. We are here to investigate. Conclusion The very famous TV show 'South Park' made fun of Scientology in an episode called 'Trapped in a Closet.' Issac Hays, the voice of Chef, was forced to quit due to pressure from his Scientology Church. He supported Matt Stone and Trey Parker saying that the show bags on everything and everyone. Hays then mysteriously disappeared for a couple weeks. Upon his return, he started bagging on Stone and Parker. This lead us to conclude, that, when Hays 'disappeared' the church could've threatened him to say those things against the show.

http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s09e12-trapped-in-the-closet After all of our research, we have concluded that the so called 'Church' of Scientology should be defined as a cult. There is too much evidence to count that states Scientology is a cult. The only evidence we found that backed Scientology being a religion were court cases. But with all the money the church has collected, they could buy the best lawyer around. Then they bankrupt AND bought the Cult Awareness Network. This meant that the church was hiding the fact that they are a cult. With all of the people speaking out and the families getting ruined because of this church, there is no more information needed to back our conclusion. Me gusta A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods. Scientology In Court
Since Scientology was first introduced in the 50's, they have made a slue of Court cases trying to receive labels as an "Official" Religion means they get tax breaks. The are currently labeled "Official" in the U.S by the Supreme Court as well as other countries. Celebrity Influences Since the Church's debut, it has been widely popular amongst Hollywood. Many famous actors such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise are members. Both use their power to recruit members and have all done interviews for it. Former Members In recent times, former, high-ranking members of the church have left. One of such is Mike Rinder, former spokesmen and head of Special Affairs for the church. Mike has described the many "stunts" the church pulls. He explains how the church was spying on media reporters and its former members. He also provides detail about how people in the church are controlled and why they cant think for themselves. Well known Scientologist, Paul Haggas, left the Church less than three years ago. He said he was ‘ashamed of his own stupidity. Of how i could’ve been so purposely blind for so many years’. The main reason he left is because he did not support proposition 8, a petition to block gay marriage. He found out that the church put money into this, and Haggis became very upset. He then learned about abuse at the highest levels of the church involving involuntary confinement. He later found out that kids were forced to work long hours in poor conditions. The church quickly responded, saying that “There is no record- no police reports, no medical records, no photos... To support these allegations". Other Controversies 1. L. Ron Hubbard was a Science-Fiction writer. Scientology is supposedly based on his work, "Dianecits."
2. Scientology is very private. They don't like to be in the media, threaten to sue everyone who does, and you have to pay to "rank up"
3. Their therapy tool the E-Meter, has been proven to be useless.
4. Witness reports show the church spying on former members, media crews and others dangerous to their goals.
5. Have been accused of using child slave labor. The Robbery of the CAN When this religion came around, there were many criticizers on the status of this so called 'religion'. One of these most outspoken voices were the CAN (Cult Awareness Network). Ever since this network decided to look into the church, Scientology had many lawsuits filed against them. With all of these losses, the CAN was forced into bankruptcy, then bought by a Scientologist. This raised many questions. Why would Scientology bankrupt their most outspoken criticizer then buy their ENTIRE network? We assume it's because the church was hiding the fact that they're really are a cult.
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