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The Crusades

No description

Vanessa Patterson

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of The Crusades

The Crusades
By: Julia, Vanessa, and John
First Crusade
Second Crusade
1076 - Muslims capture Jerusalem
Alexis I of Constantinople- he called on Pope Urban II for help.
Alexis I of Constantinople- he called on Pope Urban II for help.
Third Crusade
1095- Pope Urban spoke to Council of Clermont
Men volunteered to go and fight
In other words: They Volunteered as tribute!
Oct. 1097 to June 1098 - Siege of Antioch:
Siege of a strongly protected Turkish city
Raymond of Toulouse- first nobleman to lead an army
June 1099- Lead crusaders from Antioch to Jerusalem
July 22 1099- Godfrey of Bouillon was elected as the new king of Jerusalem
Imad ad-Din Zengi- Muslim Ruler
Dec. 1144- Zengi leads Muslim forces and they re-capture Edessa
Dec. 1145- Pope Eugenius III initiates the 2nd Crusade
1146- King Louis VII and Conrad III join in the Crusade
Oct. 1147- Battle of Dorylaeum
May 1148- Crusaders set out to attack Damascus
1149- Crusade ends; Louis VII and Conrad III leave for home
July 4,1187- Battle of Hattin
-Fought between Crusaders in Jerusalem and the Muslims
-Saladin won
May 1189- Roman Emperor Frederick I left Europe for the Third Crusade
June 10,1190- drowned in Anatolia
Richard the Lionheart turned back from Jerusalem 2 times
Sep. 2,1192-He made a treaty with Saladin
Oct. 9,1192-He went home
July 1190-Kings Philip of France, Richard of England and King Guy set out on the Third Crusade
July 12,1191- Acre surrenders and Philip departs for France
Alexis I of Constantinople called on Pope Urban II for help
1097-Siege of Nicaea:
The fortress of Nicaea was the 1st target of the Crusaders
Fourth Crusade
1198 - Pope Innocent II called for another Crusade
1202 - They had fewer crusaders and less money than expected
-European forces took port of Zara
1203 - Crusaders Captured Cosntantinople
Jan. 1204 - Murzuphlus seized the throne and told the crusaders to leave.
Jan. 1204 - Murzuphlus siezed the trone and told the Crusaders to leave.
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