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Virgin Group Case

No description

Kelly Hinton

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Virgin Group Case

1990's Virgin Records is sold to save Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Radio is born, Virgin Money, Virgin Cinemas, Virgin Co
la, Virgin Trains, Virgin.net, Virgin Cosmetics, and Virgin Mobile
Success can be determined through:
- Increased financial performance
- More customers
- Putting the Virgin name on the company
- Customer feedback
Tracking Performance
- Virgin should continue to strengthen its existing businesses

- Assura Medical needs to be strengthened and turned into a successful "Virgin Brand" business

- More management dedication and financial investment will help this get off the ground

- Wellness is a big opportunity for Virgin
Develop strategy to rebrand Assura Medical
Strengthen relationships with business partners
- Contact (call; visit) more frequently
Continue investing in service based industries with low customer satisfaction

Gain new companies through acquisitions rather than start-ups
- Less expensive and time consuming

Sell stake in failing operations and invest in faster growing companies
- Such as Virgin Active
Change demographic profile of customer base
Customer service is a signature strength of Virgin
- Customer feedback through surveys
- Questions with ranking system (1-10)
- Free text area for customer comments
Kelly, Drew, & Colin
Focused on low prices and customer service
Mostly venture capital investment
Service industries with room for improvement
Expand into the health and financial service areas
Invest in established or emerging businesses
Finance through selling equity in current businesses or sell full holdings
1970's Virgin began as a mail and retail record store, Virgin Records lable releases a top selling album and signs Sex Pistols
1987 Virgin's entertainment fund went public, but stock prices didn't move
1988 Branson buys stocks back and Virgin becomes private company once m
1980's Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Records America, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Games, Virgin Balloon Flights, Virgin Holidays
2000's VirginMoney.com, Virgin Wines, Virgin Cars, Virgin Energy, Virgin Active, Virgin Ware, Virgin Spa, Virgin Electronics, Virgin Digital, Virgin Galactic, and Virgin Unite, Virgin Media, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Oceanic, Virgin Money Stores open, Virgin Care
2005 Virgin Cars, Virgin Ware, and Virgin Electronics cease opperations
- Thoroughly research partners first
Continue gaining capital through licensing Virgin companies
- Establish "Virgin" values into healthcare
- Old = 35-50yrs ; New = 20-40yrs
Tailor Health & Wellness and Financial Services pillars to younger demographic
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