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Walkers 'Do us a flavour' campaign

No description

Emma Clapson

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Walkers 'Do us a flavour' campaign


Flavors include different cultures

All ages

Involves the audience (choose flavors)

Everyone is aware of walkers, so in need to keep there customers and attract new ones, they needed to build an eye catching campaign.

Business Reasons
Social media
Results: Failures
Gary Lineker
Development of the campaign
New vs. Old Walkers
Walkers' "do us a flavour" campaign was developed from the simple insight that the british public enjoys debating the merits of crisp flavours.
Entrepreneur, 2014
Therefore they tapped into demand from consumers for them to engage in new interactive ways...
So they asked the British public to invent a new crisp flavour!

Walkers have managed to win over 6 awards on their 'do us a flavour' marketing campaign. They have also been nominated for many more awards.

WON the Effectiveness award at the 2009 festival of media

WON Best Total Communications Programme at the 2009 Campaign Media Awards

WON Best Integrated Campaign at the 2009 Gramia awards

• Longevity of campaign has resulted in consumers becoming frustrated

Some entries have begun to become absurd- consumers are not taking it seriously
Media have criticied the campaign and suggested it is backfiring and becoming out of control due to these absurd entries.
Walkers Faced a major problem; brand regard was falling and competition was rising.
They wanted to reach long term
marketing excellence
They wanted their campaign to run across more consumer touchpoints than ever before.
When initiating the campaign in 2008 the Walkers marketing team knew attracting the media would be complex. They wanted to fuel flavour and debate so they created a campaign page on their website.
This page allowed the public to vote for their favourite flavour and therefore get completely involved with the campaign.
This created a positive result as
walkers became the fastest growing
website in the UK in July 2008.

Walkers marketing team knew that multimedia is a key to a successful campaign. For this reason they ensured they involved every aspect of the media.
They advertised their campaign on
inbetween popular programmes.
Radio DJs hosted 'flavour sports day' promotions
of TV ad (2008)
The ‘campaign trail’ was filmed and broadcast in a behind-the-scenes documentary series with Yahoo TV: ‘Do Us a Flavour News’.
: promoted by the 'flavour army'. Fans of the page are allowed to vote for their favourie flavour via facebook.
: the campaign has recently transformed 3 london bus stops into a twitter activated vending machine. Passers by are encouraged to tweet Walkers and then they are able to try the new flavour of the try us a flavour competition for free! This is a great example of how this campaign uses
experiential marketing

-Marketing magazine, 2014

1.2 million flavours were submitted
Fastest growing website in July 2008
Nearly 30,000 fans on Facebook page
Over 700 pieces of public relations coverage worth an estimated £6.5 million
Brand equity went up 6%
Year-on-year sales rose by 14%
'Spectacular Success'
He's been fronting the adverts for walkers since 1995, something therefore must reflect on that. By working with walkers for a long period of time he has bought a wide vairtey of consumers together. As he works/ed as a tv presenter for football brings those who are fans of his already to gain new customers for walkers...
Is he one of the reasons for why the audience varity is so big?...

How do walkers use experiential marketing in this campaign?
To bring the campaign to life and allow the consumers to experience it, walkers introduced twitter powered bus stops.

This experiential marketing element allowed them to really experience the campaign, therefore allowing it to become more than just a product to the consumer.

It allowed them to 'try before they buy' and was a great way to promote the campaign and engage the public.
Business Reasons
Development of the campaign
Walkers Crisps, which has a history of pioneering new flavours of crisps, launched the 'Do us a flavour' campaign in July 2008.
The year-long campaign was incredibly successful and has received industry-wide recognition. The campaign then continued again in 2014.
Uniquely, the winner would receive not only £50,000, but also a share in the profit of their winning flavour.

-PepsiCo, 2014

Which has given them long term business success.
They wanted to turn around the decline in sales with a campaign that could make walkers irresistable again.
Over the campaign period, the 'Do us a flavour' idea outperformed category year-on-year sales growth by 68%. Walkers also achieved its highest value market share for three years. It attracted a deep level of consumer interaction with the brand,with over a million flavour suggestions.
This was the catalyst of the campaign and it allowed customers to get involved with
product development.
(The marketing society).
(The Guardian, 2010)
(The guardian, 2010)
(Design Week, 2013)
(Echo, 2014)
Brand equity went up 6%
Year-on-year sales rose by 14%
'Spectacular Success'
Example of TV ad (2014)
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