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I made this Prezi for my ELA 2013 research project, which was about Lionfish. As I research these amazing creatures called Lionfish, I thought, well not that very many people know that these Lionfish are such a hazard to the USA and other places.

Lila Myers

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Lionfish

Lionfish By: Lila Myers http://www.floridasportsman.com/2012/06/18/cash-and-prizes-for-bagging-lionfish/ Apperence
Lionfish have long skinny
dorsal fins that have
a Zebra like pattern
climbing up the fins. The
fins also have even smaller
glands that shoot up
along with the fins. The Lionfish
has an assortment of colors
all over their scales. Dark orange, light orange, white, brown, and black are
the main colors of the Lionfish. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/fish/lionfish/ Diet
Lionfish have pretty limited
diets. They mainly eat small fish
and Crustaceans
Lionfish rarely eat, they only hunt by
night and in the day they are busy basking
in sunny waters, chilling in dark rock
crevices, just swimming around, or sleeping. http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/diners-dig-into-invasive-lionfish-but-do-they-really-care-about-saving-coral-reefs.html This Lionfish is just swimming around the coral reefs.
This Lionfish is about to eat it's prey. Controversy
Lionfish have been attacking the coral reefs which has caused some worries over in the United States Of America (USA).
Most citizens of the USA are worried about the Lionfish having such a good distribution over the past couple of years that citizens are worried that Lionfish will drive tourists away, because if their poisonous glands, and that the Lionfish are destroying the magnificent coral reefs. However, some citizens think that Lionfish are actually are healthy for the USA because, some people catch the Lionfish cook and eat them as food and others sell these Lionfish or trade them to aquariums so that people can realize how marvelous these creatures really are. This is a Marine Biologist capturing a Lionfish for research. Habitat And Environment
Lionfish mainly live in the
Indo-Pacific, Australia, Florida,
and the Caribbean. These area's
sunny waters and coral reefs are
a big attraction for the Lionfish.
In these waters Lionfish are mainly
hiding in small, enclosed rock
crevices, basking in the sunny
waters, or swimming around
the coral reefs. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/03/pictures/110404-sharks-lionfish-alien-fish-invasive-species-science/#/sharks-eating-lionfish-invasive-species_34127_600x450.jpg These Lionfish are swimming around the coral reef. Classification
Order: Scorpean
Family: Scorpeanide This Lionfish is basking in sunny
waters. http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2011/08/daily-news-lionfish-a-voracious-predator-now-spotted-off-texas/ Size
Lionfish may seem all big and ferocious
now but they are actually quite small.
Lionfish can grow up to thirtyeight
centimeters or fifteen inches long. So
as we can conclude Lionfish would not
weigh that much. In fact, Lionfish are about the same size as a large tea cup or coffee mug. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/fish/lionfish/ This is the comparison of a Lionfish
to a tea cup. Venomous Glands
Lionfish have long venomous
glands that cover their body.
Their venomous glands are located
on their fins, tail, and spine. Humans
are stung by these Lionfish daily.
When stung searing pain achieves the
wound and can cause poor breathing and
nausea, but the sting is rarely fatal. Doctors
say that heat heals the wound. The side
effects for fish are unknown. But, since fish
do not go near Lionfish very much researchers can infer the side effects
are not good. This a diagram of a Lionfish
gland. http://www.lionfishhunters.org/Lionfish.html Invaders
No, Lionfish are not endangered.
Actually, Lionfish are multiplying
like crazy in their natural habitats
and are expanding. Lionfish are
destroying the coral reefs by
coming in numbers and driving
away all the other types of fish that
also help keep the coral reef happy
and healthy with the fear of being
stung. Research shows that if the
Lionfish continue growing like this
Lionfish will be well populated in
Brazil in the next year or two. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/fish/lionfish/ This is a map of the Lionfish population. WACKY FACTS!!!!
* Lionfish are about the same size as a tea cup.
* Female Lionfish can produce around two million eggs annually.
* Marine Biologists had to train Sharks to become one of their very few predators.

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Thanks For Watching! And remember......
Lionfish don't really roar!!! http://arkarthick.com/2010/05/13/funny-bizarre-animal-blends-photo-manipulation/
This Lionfish is swimming in the coral reef.
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