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Innocent Drinks

No description

Anisa Khan

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Innocent Drinks

Products Mission Performance Purpose Enviroment People Values Sustainability Innocent Drinks' purpose is to make food good. They quote " We promise that everything we make will always be natural, delicious, healthy and sustainable".
Innocent Drinks also aims to use only 100% natural fruit, with no added artificiants. Innocent drinks consider the enviroment when producing their products, as they use sustaniable packaging which is 100% recycled, to reduce gloal warming. They use 100% natural ingredients in all their products. Innocent Drinks' have grown over the past years, having doubled their market share nd profit for the past 3 years.

Innocent Drinks wasn't expected to grow into such a successful business, however they achieved with their enthusiastic employees and their truthful ways in which they operate their business. With the help of new ideas and opportunities 'Big knit' Innocent Drinks Inocent Drinks is a UK based organisation that consumes fruit smoothies and flavoured spring water. Innocent Drinks' mission statement is to supply health-consious adults and children world-wide with 100% natural, delicious, healthy and sustainable food. Innocent Drinks make use of their competence in alternative marketing methods and foster a good relationship with their stakeholders in order to guarantee a philosophy of socio-cultural, economics and enviromental well-being. Innocent Drinks maintain an internal culture that is responsible, entrepreneurial, generous, commercial and natural. Charity Innocent Drinks do many thing, in many different ways to help charity. 10% of profits each year to charity Drinks for the Homeless - excess stock goes to those who need it. Innocent Drinks have a range of products they sell. This includes; Smoothies, Smoothies for Kids, Special Fruit Smoothies, Friut Tubes, Thickies, Juice, and Veg Pots. Innocent Drinks target a range of customers for their products. They target adults, who keep to a healthy lifestyle, and they also target parents. They target parents as they have certain products for children, encouraging parents to keep a healthy lifestyle going for their children. The sustainability of Innocent Drinks is very important to the values of the organisation, as they believe they take the responsibility for the impacts of their business on the enviroment. However, they maintain the sustainability of their business by; using 100% natural ingriedients, using sustainable packaging, reducing the use of natural resources, and they donate 10% of profits to the Innocent Foundation. Innocent Drinks have one principle in which they set their values around. their principle which makes them what they are is; "Make a business which we can be proud of".

Innocent Drinks 5 main values are; be natural, be entrepreneurial, be responsible, be commercial, be generous. http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/AGM/innocent_annual_report_2007.pdf
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