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About Minecraft By:Matthew and Landon

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Library Media

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of About Minecraft By:Matthew and Landon

About Minecraft By:Matthew and Landon
About weapons and tools in Minecraft
There are weapons and tools in Minecraft.There is a sword,hoe,pickaxe,shears,ax and shovel.A sword is used to fight monsters.A hoe is used to farm and grow wheat and crops.A pickaxe is used to mine stone in a mine shaft.It can mine obsidian and ores.Shears are used to get wool off sheep and get leaves from trees.An ax is used to get wood from trees and a shovel is used to dig dirt and gravel and sand.
Minecraft foods
Skins make you look different than Steve.They delete Steve and put your skin you downloaded in the same place you were on every world!
About the main people in Minecraft
The main people in minecraft are Notch,Steve and Herobrine.Notch created Minecraft. Steve is the person you play as.Herobrine wants to kill Steve and take over Minecraft!
A mob is a monster like a zombie.Here are all the mobs:zombie,skeleton,spider and creepers and wither skeletons and lots of scary creatures in the nether and end portal.A zombie is a mob that drops rotten flesh if you kill it.A skeleton drops bones and arrows.A spider drops string and sometimes spider eyes.Creepers drop gunpowder.Wither skeletons drop coal and stone swords and the rare drop is wither skeleton heads!
What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a sandbox.A sandbox is a video game where you get to roam around.There are many different kinds of blocks in Minecraft!
Redstone is like power in Minecraft.Redstone can turn on Redstone lamps and other cool stuff.Redstone wire can connect Redstone things together!Pressure plates can activate TNT and Redstone wire if it is under the pressure plate!Redstone repeaters can repeat Redstone if it is connected to a Redstone wire!Levers can activate Redstone lamps and Redstone wire!There is much more Redstone!
Hope you enjoyed it!
See you in our next prezi!Please add comments!
Some minecraft foods are:apples,cake,carrots,potatoes,golden apples and much more!
About mobs
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