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Viking Code Of Honor Versus The Knights' Code of Chivalry

This presentation is intended to enlighten you on the topic of the Knight's and Viking's codes of honor.

Ethan Carlisle

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Viking Code Of Honor Versus The Knights' Code of Chivalry

Viking Code Of Honor
The Knights' Code of Chivalry
These codes of conduct piloted the lives of warriors throughout history. Without these codes of honor and chivalry, society would not be as it is today.
The Knights' Code of Chivalry
The Knights' Code of Chivalry follows these core tenets:
faith, charity, justice, good judgement, prudence, temperance, resolution, truth, lack of prejudice, diligence, hope, and valor.
The Viking Code of Honor
The Viking Code of Honor follows these core tenets:
courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self reliance, industriousness, perseverance.
These codes of conduct share many aspects. For example, diligence and hope found in the Knights' Code of Chivalry could be seen as perseverance, which is found in the Viking Code of Honor. The same applies to valor and courage, and lack of prejudice and hospitality.
Other Practices Found Within the Code of Chivalry
The fear and respect of God and the honor of women are also core beliefs of the knights of old. Respect towards one's peers and respect towards a foe.
A Deeper Look into the Code of Honor
The Viking Code of Honor was intended to keep all who followed it in agreement with one another on and off of the battlefield while also providing the skills that one needs to survive alone.

A Deeper Look
Viking Honor:
self reliance
Knights' Chivalry:
good judgement
lack of prejudice,
The codes that these warriors of the past followed made them who they were. These codes were quite similar and most often involved the respect of others and the support of one's central beliefs. These codes reinforced the idea that individuals should stand up for what they believe in and for whom they care and have respect for. These codes sculpted individuals into honorable and civilized people that could adequately function in what was then considered a modern society.
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