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Oakland High School

No description

Sam Yap

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of Oakland High School

Phone: (615) 904-3789
Fax: (615) 904-378
Patriot, Murfressboro, TN
School library media center
Give physical and intellectual access to material in all formats
Give instruction to develop competence and spark interest in using, viewing, and reading ideas
Collaborate with other educators to format learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students
Total enrollment is 1,838 as of 2016. The library media center provides barrier-free access for all students, staff, and the community during the school day, before and after school hours, and beyond the school year where appropriate. The spaces in this facility encourage a wide variety of activities in multiple settings. Digital resources are available at school and at home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The spaces and infrastructure meet present needs and allow for expansion and remodeling. The library media center is a comfortable and stimulating place for all students, staff, and community.
LeAnn Hays and Katherine Moisant are the Library Media Specialists. They have the roles of Collaborative teacher, Information Specialist, Instructional Partner, and Program Administrator. They acquire and evaluate digital and print resources, supervise a facility which offers systematic access to information for learning, steers a student-centered program to develop independent learners and information-literate citizens, collaborates closely with teachers to design tasks and assessments that integrate information literacy throughout instruction, and plans ongoing staff development related to information literacy using relevant problem-solving and communication tools.
Oakland High School
Public International Baccalaureate Magnet School for students in grades 9 through 12
Physical Facilities
The quality and quantity of print and digital resources facilitates student learning, meets recreational reading and comprehension needs, and fosters an appreciation of literature. Selection is based on reviews from professional sources. The collection provides intellectual and physical access for all students, staff, and community. Up-to-date, curriculum-related, appealing print and digital resources are selected based on interests, age, developmental level, and diversity. The collection meets or exceeds the exemplary qualitative and quantitative levels, as described in this document.
21st Century Philippine Public School Libraries
Library Programs and Services
Average Public School Library
- Fully automated and integrated library catalog and circulation system that is networked district-wide
- Web-based online public access catalog (opac) available to all users on-site and remotely MARC (machine readable cataloging) format
- Library Web site with extensive links that are regularly updated
- Web sites catalogued in the opac based on content standards Library services fully integrated into school and district technology
- Online periodical and reference subscription services emanate
from the library media center
- Multi-site, accessible video network with vhs and dvd capability
- Video projection unit with slide projection capability
- Multiple overhead projectors
- Integrated productivity package (including word processing, graphics, spreadsheet, and database software) standardized and deployed on all computers
- Multimedia software package (including presentation, hypermedia,
and Web-authoring tools) standardized and deployed on all computers
- Online server storage space for students and staff accessible onsite
and remotely
- Consistent, coherent technology budgeting and planning in school
or district
- Proactive services and on-demand support are available during school use hours
Oakland High School is a public school supported through local, state, and federal funding, and does not charge tuition to students who attend them.

The librarians...
1) develop and manage budgets to optimize the school library media program
2) Meet annually with the principal to plan a budget that supports the needs of the students and
school as well as the goals of the school library media program
3) Collaborate with district personnel in the annual preparation of the district and individual school library media budgets for resources and services
4) justify to policy makers, community members, and administrators the necessity for sustained budgetary support of the media center program and services in every school
5) track budget expenditures
Modern School Library
Not Consistent
Professional librarians
Untrained librarians
Print, Non-print, Electronic; curriculum based
Old textbooks, books accessioned not classified nor cataloged
Proper care and preservation
Poor preservation and housing conditions
Open before, during, and after classes
Not open or rarely open
Library Instruction
Adequate and curriculum based
Unorganized and not curriculum based
Adequate funds and budgeting
Little or no budget from the government
Information Technology Facilities
Provides IT and communication services
Limited or no IT services and facilities
Networking and Linkages
Resource sharing with other resource centers
No resource sharing with other resource centers
Reasons for the State of Philippine Public Libraries

Lack of Funds
there is no money to pay for the improvements that need to be made and government does not consider public school libraries a priority in allocation of scarce resources
Inadequate and insufficient book collection
Books are merely accessioned, but neither classified nor cataloged. Obsolete books which are still needed for comparative research. School libraries SHOULD have a collection of instructional materials that conform to expressed and anticipated requirements of the teaching-learning process and the special mission/goal of the school
Lack of space and equipment
Limited space for an increasing population..Lack of building for anew library.No provision for expansion. Limited funds for some additional furniture and some renovations. School with an enrollment of 500 should have libraries with a floor area of at least 72 square meters.
Lack of qualified personnel
The officer-in-charge of the library is not a LIS graduate. Complacency of head librarian and lack of imagination. Frequent changes in library administrations and inadequate library development plan.
School Head or Administrator
The school administrators’ lack of interest and support.
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