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The motivation of drinking premium coffee

No description

Anh Duong

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The motivation of drinking premium coffee

Definition of premium coffee
It’s exceptional coffee made by very high quality coffee bean and it is really expensive and exclusive, always fancy by the elitist whom has high income and high life standard.

It’s usually coming with special coffee machine and capsules,and with good organization of on-line selling and selling in professional shops.

Characters: expensive, demand high quality of coffee bean,exceptional, specially for you, rare, expensive, exclusive,luxury, elitist.
Huge development of premium coffee brands and usage
Coffee is more and more popular --> The trend to become premium

A niche segment is getting bigger:
From one unique flavor to the multiple flavors choice
From a moment to wide variety of occasions (alone, enjoy with friends, connected with the community)

Premium coffee consumption in France :
A cultural influence : 85% of French people drink coffee everyday
Turnover of the premium coffee market in France: 446 million € (2012)
New consumers’ trends and behaviour:
Decreasing consumption of ground coffee and an increasing consumption of premium coffee (+8%)
Coffee capsule: a market of 110 million euros in 2013 (+30%)
50% of coffee consumers are willing to pay more for quality coffee

=> Coffee: not only the beverage to wake-up but become

Subject developement
What is
the self – concept
of consumers who drink premium coffee?
What is
consumers’ perception
of premium coffee?
are related to premium coffee consumption?
people to drink premium coffee? (social pressure, sensory influences (aroma, taste))
Decision – making process
of choosing premium coffee - Which brand is top-of-mind?
Initial assumptions
Drinking premium coffee helps to be a part of the community
That depends on the income
It is related status and perception of high social status
Its motivation differs from age
It depends on the occasions (coffee as a social experience?)
Secondary data
Informations and Statistics:
Ifop – Online studies: http://www.ifop.com/?option=com_publication&type=poll&id=2326
Fnb – Fédération Nationale de Boissons: http://www.fnb-info.fr/medias/fichiers/Entrez_dans_la_tendance6.pdf

Newspaper articles:
News – Myeuropinfo.com: http://fr.myeurop.info/2014/07/22/modes-de-vie-europeens-accros-cafe-12659
Lifestyles: Coffee addicts
News – e-marketing.com: http://www.e-marketing.fr/Marketing-Magazine/Article/Cafe-le-nouvel-or-noir-des-marques-24445-1.htm
News – lexpress.fr: http://lexpansion.lexpress.fr/entreprises/la-guerre-du-cafe-est-declaree-en-france_1450858.html
Nexs – lsa-conco.fr: http://www.lsa-conso.fr/l-irresistible-pouvoir-d-attraction-du-cafe-portionne,147807
Beverage industry, bevindustry.com

Academic research:
Baumeister. The self in social Pychology(1999)
Solomon, Bamossy, Askegaard, Hogg, Consumer Behavior- A European perspective of Solomon (the 5th edition)
Jim Blythe - Consumer Behavior – 2nd edition
Understanding Elusive Consumers
Anh Duong
Bruno Chen
Camille Teil
Gwendoline Vannier
Motivation of drinking premium coffee
Questins about : when, whom, where, why are the respondents drinking premium coffee ?
8 respondents : regular and premium coffee consumers

Focus Group Report
Difficulties/ Improvements
– Is age influencing the willingness to buy?

Dormant motivations:
What are they? How to identify them?

Premium coffee consumption’s motivations driven by
the age
The moment during the day: There is a
behind the premium coffee consumption:
Coffee breaks are very special moments (ritual)
Coffee consumption as timers of the journey

There is a relation between the age and the moment of consumption during the day

Next step : Test them & overcome the difficulties (focus group)
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