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No description

Sarah Pettycord

on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of Houses

What are the Houses?
How do I earn points?
500 points - Loudest house at pep rally
500 points - Winning Advisory Olympics
250 points - Appearance of House at pep rally
100 points - Winning a game at pep rally
100 points - Scholars upholding pillars during Advisory

Seating chart
Point system
Still a work in progress of how exactly we will keep track of House points throughout the year
You will know as soon as we determine the logistics
Will have it figured out by our first pep rally on September 6th
1. If you have any suggestions about this whole concept, email or talk to Sarah Pettycord or Sra. Padilla

2. Questions?

3. House Drawing
A way to increase school spirit and participation in pep rallies
There will be 4 Houses (colors based on school colors)
House Black
House Teal
House White
House Orange
Each House will sit in a certain section of the gym during pep rallies
Each House will compete in games and competitions throughout the year and in pep rallies to earn points
The House with the most amount of points at the end of the year will receive some sort of prize
Houses will be determined by picking slips of paper out of a hat after this presentation
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