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Rise Against

No description

Burkay Kuru

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Rise Against

What is rise against?
Rise Against is a punk rock band that was formed in 1999 in Chicago. The band currently has 4 members. They are from PETA and they sometimes sing songs for animal rights. They also sing against the USA government, too.
first years of the band
After the bands, '88 Fingers Louie' and 'Baxter', had been abolished, Tim McIlrath and Joe Principe introduced the band in 1999
At first, the name of the band was ''Transistor Revolt'' They didn't perform anything live under this name, yet they released an amateur EP which is called as ''Transistor Revolt'' in 2000.
One year later, new members joined to band and the task-sharing was like this:
Tim McIlrath – Lead vocal
Mr. Precision – Guitar
Joe Principe – Bass guitar, backing vocal
Brandon Barnes – Drums, percussion

The Unraveling
Although Transistor Revolt was very hobbyist EP,
Fat Wreck Chords, which is a punk rock record label studio, wanted to make an album with Rise Against
As a result, Rise Against released their first album, The Unraveling, in 2001 and the album was distributed by Fat Wreck Chords. As it was a really good album the critics liked the album. Their average point was 8 out of 10. Accordingly, the album made them a little bit famous and the studio decided to continue with them.
The album has 18 songs and some of these songs are from their EP.
Revolutions per Minute
''Revolutions Per Minute'' is their second album which was released in 2003 and was distributed by the same studio.
The album has two singles and a cover song from Journey(Anyway you want it)
Their first album was made for only fun but this album is entirely socio-political. Some of the songs are against the USA government.
The album has 14 songs, yet one of them is hidden under the name ''Data'' and the critics gave them 9.5 points out of 10.
Due to their success, they started to join in some festivals.
Siren Song of the Counter Culture
In my opinion, this is their one of the most successful albums, thanks to their singles Swing Life Away and Give it All.
The album was average and reached #12 on billboard.
Unlike the other albums, this album was distributed by Geffen that is a really famous label.
The album that was released in 2004 has 12 songs and again most of the songs are about political things and social life.
Tim McIlrath
Timothy James McIlrath was born in November 3, 1978.
As you know he is the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist of Rise Against. Before Rise Against, he had worked for Baxter for 4 years and Alma Angelus for only a few months.
He has heterochromia which means one of his eyes is green and another one is blue.
McIlrath is known to support animal rights and actively promotes PETA with his band
Currently, he is living in a small house with her wife and daughter. He has really a humble life.
rıse agaınst
The Symbol
It means fight for what you love in every minute of your life
The arrows mean infinity
The heart means love
"Power to the people fist'' sign means ''Rise Against'' and ''Revolution''
As a result

random fact about rıse agaınst
Their songs have appeared in a lot of games including Need for Speed and The Sims series.
They have 17 music videos. Savior and Prayer of the refugee are the most watched ones.
They have covered 8 songs.
A year after Rise Against had released a song called Architects, the band, Architects, released a bonus song which is called ''Rise Against''
All Rise Against members are fan of Metallica and Bad Religion.
They have more than 100 songs if we count their EPs and demos.
Some Good Moments
Their 6th album which include 12 songs was released in March 15, 2011. DGC and Interscope distributed the album.
The album was all about the real events. For example one of the songs was about Hurricane Katrina.
All the critics loved the album. Endgame reached #1 on Billboard and some other charts.
There is an also song called ''Endgame'' in this album. So, for the first time a song gave the album's name.
Their new album will be released in July and name of the album is The Black Market.
Appeal to Reason
Although most of the long-term fans didn't like the album(because this album doesn't have enough scream) all the critics loved the album so much that Appeal to Reason reached #1 on Billboard
The album which was released in 2008 has 13 songs and was distributed by DGC and Interscope
They made three singles for this album and one of them was about the war in Iraq
Though the songs in this album are slower than the previous albums, they still have deep meanings.
This is the album that they left the underground and met with rest of the world.
The Sufferer & the Witness
This is their last album from Geffen Label because lead singer of the band doesn't like this label as they only do their job for money
The album has 13 songs and they made three singles for the album.
The single Prayer of the Refugee was shown all around the world
After this album had released, the lead guitarist left the band and they found a new guitarist Zach Blair.
All the band members joined to PETA after this album and they all became vegetarians.
brandon barnes
He was born in October 10, 1972. Currently he is the oldest member of Rise Against
He started to play drums when he was only 9
He has been playing drums actively since 1993 and before Rise Against he played for Pinhead Circus
Unlike most of the drummers, he collocates his drums in a strange way.
He lives in Colorado with his wife, a son and a daughter.
He was born in November 14, 1974
He is co-founder of Rise Against with Tim McIlrath
He played for 88 Finger Louie before Rise Against
He also played for Bad Religion but it wasn't as professional
He is the most strict vegetarian member in the band
He lives with his wife, a son and a daughter in Chicago.
Zach Blair
He is the youngest member of Rise Against because he joined to band in 2008.
Before Rise Against he played for 4 different bands with his brother.
At first Rise Against fans didn't like him because they were thinking that he was spoilt but then they consented him
He currently lives in Chicago on his own.
Firstly, I met them in NFS: Underground 2. Their ''Give it All'' song was appearing on the screen whenever I was playing it. But then, I stopped playing Underground 2, so I forgot about Rise Against
But then, In 2010 I heard the familiar sound again. This time, they were playing for The Sims 3: Ambitions' trailer. Then I searched about the band and started listening them gradually.
But I forgot about them again. But thanks to my fate, I heard their song in a NFS game too. And since then, I have been listening them nonstop.
some events that rıse agaınst took parts.
Tim McIlrath takes the stage to help protest an anti-union bill in Wisconsin.
Rise Against and Rage Against the Machine protest judgment that is about the future of the war in Afghanistan
Rise Against protests animal testings
A scene from their ''Make it Stop'' video clip which was made for gay rights and against bullying. Also the song was especially created for ''It Gets Better'' project
A scene from their ''Help is on the Way'' song. In this video clip they criticized the USA government because they didn't send enough rations & they didn't send enough rescue crew there.
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