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Body Biography Prezi Format

Use this Prezi to create your own body biography!

Meg Dedman

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Body Biography Prezi Format

Body Biography
Near the character's head, you should place two or more pieces of textual evidence (from Green's text, or internet sources on Google Classroom) that convey the character's essence/personality. You can also describe him/her (i.e., brave, humble)
Who and what does this character love most?
What is the center of his/her universe? BAE?
In terms of the character's feet, what is weighing him/her down? This is an ideal place for the character's weaknesses or struggles. You can represent this with symbols and words.
The spine should be represented in a way that visually conveys what motivates the character most. If you choose a knight, what is your character's quest? What is his/her key motivation?
What does the character hold in her or his hands? Items that are associated with the character either literally (a sword?) or figuratively (beliefs) should be included.
The Heart
The Heart
Who or what does the character love most?
What is the center of his/her
universe? BAE?
Your Body Biography is a written
and visual portrait of a character from Arthurian Legend.

It must include textual
evidence (from Green's text or internet resources), symbols, colors, etc. to tell your character's story. Heroic elements MUST be included.

Textual evidence may be descriptive (versus dialogue) because you are using internet resources and the Green's stories don't include much dialogue.
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