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Respiration and Excretion

No description

Beatriz Cánovas

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Respiration and Excretion

Respiration and Excretion
Respiration is the process of breathing air
Respiration takes place in the
Respiratory System
Air is made up of
We need oxygen to obtain energy from nutrients
The Respiratory System is made up of:
Nasal Cavity
Where the air enters our body
Where the air is cleaned and it becomes warm and moist
A tube that connects the nose and the lungs
The two tubes in which the trachea is divided
Two spongy and elastic organs
Protected by the sternum and the ribs
They put oxygen from the air into the blood
Breathing movements
The thorax expands and air enters the lungs
When we breath in, the diaphragm contracts
When we breath out, the diaphragm relaxes
The thorax contracts and air is expelled from the body
In the process of excretion, we eliminate
waste substances
Excretion can take place in
The Excretory System
The skin
Our skin expels sweat
Sweat contains water, mineral salts and waste substances
The main job of sweat is to keep our body cool when it gets too hot.
They receive the blood from all the body and filter it to trap water and waste substances. With those, they produce urine.
Tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder
Organ where the urine is stored
Tube through which the urine is expelled
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