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jessica elisa

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

It Can't Be Helped
By: Jeanne & James Houston Jessica Sambucharan <3 After this, the government then moves the family to another ghetto in downtown Los Angeles. They are all treated with lots of racism and even Jeanne's teachers didn't want to help her with her work. Then it was time to make their third and final move. When Jeanne's father was taken away, the family moved to a place called Terminal Island where it was alot more lower class than where they used to live before. This was the first place that Jeanne was exposed around other Japanese people and actually went to school with them. Unfortunately after a while, the Navy decided to clear Terminal Island completely. They gave everyone only forty- eight hours to clear out of the area. At this point in the story, it shows how strong of a woman Jeanne's mother is. Everyone was selling their belongings for very cheap prices just because they needed the money, but when someone offers to buy her expensive China dishes for $15, it gets her so angry that she begins to smash them on the floor. Main Characters: Jeanne Wakatsuki is the main character in this short story. She plays as a young Japanese girl in the United States in the 1940's during WWII. Jeanne loses her father when she is very young because he is taken to prison. Jeanne loses her father very early in life because he is taken away to prison. This makes her life really hard for her as well as her family because he was the backbone. Before her father was taken away, they lived in a town named Ocean Park, where they were considered as the only Japanese family. r When they are finally moved, they arrived at a camp called Manzanar. Here, they were all welcomed happily and also, everyone was Japanese when they were greeted when they got off the bus. The author wrote this short story to share her story on how she had to live during the hard times of the 1840's. Shikata Ga Nai means: It Cant Be Helped. QUESTIONS? :) THANK Y U!!!!!! :-*
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