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Victoria W.

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It spreads through the air from person to person. Its name can be shortened to TB.
What is tuberculosis?
Symptoms of TB disease depend on where in the body the TB bacteria is growing. TB disease symptoms may include:
A bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer
Pain in the chest
Coughing up blood or sputum (phlegm from deep inside the lungs)
Weakness or fatigue
Weight loss
No appetite
Sweating at night
what are the symptoms
If you have active TB disease then you will have to take several antibiotic drugs for 6-12 months. If you do not take it when you are required or don't finish the dosage then you will become sick again. The TB disease can immune itself to the antibiotics and so they do not work anymore.
what are the cures for tb?
Tuberculosis can happen any where in you body. The most common place TB infects are the lungs. Sometimes it can flow into you blood stream so it can also infect your bones, brain, liver, kidneys, and heart.
Where does tb happen?
TB was called consumption and has been around from far back as 2400 BC where they found definite findings of TB in the spinal column of mummies. “Phthisis” appeared in Greek literature to describe what we now call Tuberculosis. When doctors in the 1600's were finding out that TB was fatal, they advised doctors and families to not see the sick person.
The history of Tb
In 1720, an English physician Benjamin Marten was the first to grasp the idea of TB being caused by bacteria. Hermann Brehmer was a victim of TB in the 1850's and his cure was to go to the Himalayan Mountains and it worked. He later made a program to help patients get better through good nutrition and lots of fresh air.
Improvements to curing tb
To prevent form getting TB:
Do not spend long periods of time in stuffy, enclosed rooms with anyone who has active TB until that person has been treated for at least 2 weeks.
Use protective measures, such as face masks, if you work in a facility that cares for people who have untreated TB.
If you live with someone who has active TB, help and encourage the person to follow treatment instructions.
how to prevent tb
how do you get Tb?
Tuberculosis is spread through the air when someone who has TB coughs, sneezes, and breaths. When you breath in that bacteria you will get infected. TB is NOT spread by: shaking someone's hand, sharing food or drink, touching bed linens or toilet seats, sharing toothbrushes, or kissing.
by: victoria Weatherford
period-3 science
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what about vaccines?
According to WebMD a TB vaccine (bacille Calmette-Guerin, or BCG) is used in many countries to prevent TB. But this vaccination is almost never used in the United States because:
The risk of getting TB is low in the U.S.
The vaccine is not very effective in adults who receive it.
The BCG vaccine may cause a tuberculin skin test to indicate a TB infection even if a person is not infected with TB. This complicates the use of the tuberculin skin test to check people for TB.
Since 1995 more than 22 million lives have been saved and 56 million people cured by WHO (World Health Organization)-recommended treatment and care. The continent with the most incidents of TB is Africa. The country, Swaziland between 2008-2010, there were about 125,700,000 TB incidents according to WHO. The US has about 400,000 incidents of TB.
Thank You For Watching!!
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