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Celebrate Census 2010

Stephanie Baum Candice DeForest Janelle Maluenda Jessica Pauletto Courtney Shepard

Stephanie Baum

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Celebrate Census 2010

Once upon a time,
five eager young women
answered an email... Stephanie
Baum Candice
Deforest Janelle
Maluenda Jessica
Pauletto Courtney
Shepard Celebrate Census 2010 Party Stage:
U.S. Census VIP Guest List:
Target Audiences &
Key Messages Chapman University Santa Ana College
City of
Santa Ana Objective 1: To expand awareness of the Census and encourage the commitment of at least 100 Chapman students to participate in the Census Objective 2: Collaborage with at least 1 student organization at SAC in order to inform and receive a commitment from at least 100 students. Objective 3: To identify key challenge among the Latino community in Santa Ana in order to eradicate fear and prompt participation from at least 100 Latino residents The Party!
Implementation Chapman Santa Ana College City of Santa Ana "Inform...
Celebrate!" After Party!
Campaign Results Chapman University Santa Ana College City of Santa Ana 3,414 people 537 guests through social media Affected 25% of the student body 248 Facebook Fans 85 Twitter Followers Final Survey 30 guests RSVP’d 10/10 Census-related questions were answered correctly We discovered... Students are most concerned about loans and grants
Students are most receptive to music, food, live events, and social media channels
Many were unaware of their responsibility to complete the Census form
Citizens of Santa Ana were fearful to disclose information
The Latino community is centered around the family Tabling "RSVPs" Celebration! Welcome
Back Week Celebration! Celebration! Confetti! "BOTH TEAMS RECEIVED
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