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Who has better reflexes: Boys VS Girls

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Alice Evans

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Who has better reflexes: Boys VS Girls

Who Has Better Reflexes: Boys VS Girls
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jorge Duarte
Janet Hernandez
January 21,2015
Period 1

Which gender has better dodging reflexes?
Our Hypothesis
We hypothesize that the males have better reflexes than the females because they are able to react faster.
Design the Experiment
Slingshot (1)
Balls (5)
Males (2)
Females (2)
1 slingshot shooter
Measuring tape
Pencil, paper and camera to record the data
Design the Experiment (cont.)
Test the Experiment (cont)
1. Find an open area to do the experiment.
Slingshot Trials 1-3
Total Slingshot Hits/Misses
Analyze the Results
Total Number of Slingshot Hits/Misses for Each Gender
Number of Slingshot Hits/Misses in Each Trial
Cited Sources
7. Once the first test subject and the shooter have taken there places, the shooter can start shooting until all five balls have been launched. (This will represent one trial)
6. After using the tape to create the box, have one test subject stand on the box.
5. Using tape, make a box (6 ft x 2 ft). This box will be the area the test subject will be standing at.
4. Measure 10 feet between the shooter and the one of the test subjects.
3. Determine where the shooter will stand to shoot the test subjects and place a strip of tape on the floor where the shooter will stand.
2. Decide who the shooter and the test subjects (2 males and 2 females) will be.
8. Repeat step 7 for the three other test subjects.
9. Repeat steps 7-8 for two more trials.
A reflex is an involuntary , or automatic, action that your body does in response to something — without you even having to think about it.
Shooting a Slingshot
Shooting a slingshot is challenging. The important variables like power; power of the two rubber bands in respect to each other or slingshot movement during the shot depend very much on the shooter and his ability to reproduce the same procedure with every shot.
Does Gender Affect Reflexes?
Gender can impact a number of physical traits in human beings, and how quickly person reacts to a stimulus is one. Whether manufactured by society or inherent in genetic makeup, studies have shown there are differences between men and women when it comes to how fast a person reacts to a stimulus.
Reflexes in Men and Women
According to a Clemson University article, men appear to have faster reflexes to both visual and audio stimuli than women. However, a 2006 study found the gaps between men and women's reaction times to visual stimuli appear to have reduced over time, possibly because more women drive and participate in sports than when prior studies were conducted decades before. Another study found that the muscle contraction rates were the same in both genders, but the amount of time between when the stimulus was presented and when the muscle began to contract was less for men.
Accuracy and Other Factors
Although men appear to have faster reaction times, a 2004 study found that when aiming at a target, men were faster but women were more accurate. When the element of dehydration was added to the mix in another study, women were found to have longer reaction times while men had even shorter reaction times. However, age-related reflex deterioration appears to happen at the same rate for both genders.
According to the results conducted in our experiment, we manage to prove our hypothesis was correct. While we collected the data, we noticed that the boys were able to dodge more shots than the females. With these results, therefore we supported our hypothesis: that males do have better dodging reflexes than females because they were able to react quicker.
Test the Experiment
Jorge Jennifer Janet Leo
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