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Dual Career, Sport and University in Italy

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emanuele isidori

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Dual Career, Sport and University in Italy

We can start saying that in Italy there does not exist any model of dual career for athletes at University

Italian private universities tend to be more flexible towards the student-athlete
This flexibility depends upon
the type of university
(private or public)
that students are attending
Developing an innovative European Sport Tutorship model for the dual career of athletes - ESTPORT RN: 557204-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-SPO-SCP
Dual Career, Sport and University in Italy
We'll try to sum up here the main problem concerning the dual career of athletes in our country...
Our aim is to show what is the main scenario of our national research unit on tutorship and dual career in sport
Flexibility is the only word able to identify the complex set of problems concerning the so called "dual career"

In public Italian universities, requirements
can be rigid and any request for flexibility
is seen as a matter between the athletes
and teaching staff

Student-athletes may negotiate individually with university staff

There are student-athletes who are attending
or have attended courses at
Italian distance (private) universities

Some (but very few) public and private universities have links with sport federations but not particularly strong
“Laissez-faire” is the motto which sums up the situation of dual career, sport, and University in Italy
This system is based on individual
negotiation of the student-athlete,
where and when this is
made possible or permitted

But recently, Italian Government started
to face this problem

In 2012 a political National Negotiating Table for the Governance in Sport (TANGOS) was created within the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

The main aim of TANGOS is to study, to promote initiatives, and to develop projects in the field of Sport and Society among which those concerning the dual career of athletes are to be considered as a priority

In this Framework, the Italian National Committee (CONI) and its Sports School have stressed the importance of supporting dual career initiatives for national and Olympic athletes in accordance with the guidelines and orientations of the European Commission
For achieving this goal, the Italian Sports School suggests to use a strategic tool: that is the high quality of learning
This high quality learning is aimed at satisfying athletes’ moral, educational and professional interests
Recently, in December 2013, at the end of 26th Winter Universiade, in Trentino, Italy, a declaration of Intent by FISU (International University Sports Federation), and entitled "Sport University for Innovation", has stressed the importance of creating a strong link between Sport, University and industry in order to develop...
“guidelines on how universities, sport federations and other partners can start dual career programmes which on the one hand allow student-athletes to reconcile their sport career and their academic studies and to fulfil their professional aspirations in the transition from the sport career to the next professional step and on the other hand can also attract public and private investments for education, research and innovation”
At the moment, starting from this academic year, the Sports School of Italian National Olympic Committee as a representative of its Federations, and the Foro Italico University of Rome have signed a specific agreement in order to allow 30 Italian federal and Olympic athletes to enrol in and attend a 1st level degree course in Management and Organization of high level sports
All the students who are interested in attending this course must have specific expert skill and knowledge in their sports and be certified as a 4th level technicians by the Italian National Olympic Committee and its federations
To conclude, actually this background, and the group of students who are attending this course at Foro Italico represent the main and complex scenario of our national research unit on tutorship in dual career
Thank you for your attention
Plato (both a wrestler and philosopher) and Socrates (his teacher and tutor)...an example of successful dual career
and tutorship

Thank you again...

Emanuele Isidori
Emilia Angelillo
Lucia Colitti
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