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The Blended and Flipped World Language Classroom

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Victoria Henderson

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of The Blended and Flipped World Language Classroom

Tools For Flipping The Classroom
Experiences In The Flipped And Blended World Language Classroom
Experiences in Flipping (and Blending) The World Language Classroom

Getting The Students To Create
Make Use of That Flip Camera!
Don't be afraid to try making videos of yourself teaching! Students enjoy watching them to reteach themselves the lesson!
Screener.com is a great site to use to record what you are doing on the computer to show students how to use a website, program or tool.
Edmodo is a great platform that students can use to upload their digital work. It keeps it all organized for the teacher better than having a bunch of e-mails or shared items in google docs. You can also make on-line quizzes that edmodo will grade for you! Edmodo also allows you to make folders or links and files for your students and for them to post questions to the class which you or other students may answer.
Need A Blended Lesson Fast?
With Kelly Burleson and Victoria Henderson
How To, Useful Tools, Tips and Tricks
Blend Space is a great tool to use for flipping the classroom! You can easily drag and drop your pre-made handouts, powerpoints or link to websites and videos.
As an alternative to a PowerPoint or Prezi make a screencast to teach your students! Use educreations.com to draw on your tablet and record your voice in a presentation that your students can use anytime!
Our Favorite Teacher Tools:
Don't be afraid to look "silly"! The students love it and then they watch it! They also love to get to be the director!
Check Their Progress
Ted is your friend!
Use ed.ted.com to find lessons or to create your own lesson around a ted talk or youtube video. Easily provide comments for your students to read and give them questions to answer about what they learned all within ted.ed
Poll Your Students:
Check Their Understanding With Discussions
Padlet is a great student discussion board. They can respond to each other anonymously or ask them to add their name and approve their comments before they post.
Google and Flubaroo
If you have something that you want to grade as strictly correct/incorrect use google to make a "form" then the website flubaroo will grade it for you!
Thinglink and Google Tour Builder
Thinglink allows student to upload and image and add textboxes with information live links to website and video to build a tour of a city or monument. It could also be used for a book report or biography.
Google Tour uses features similar to google earth to allow students to build a web based tour of landmarks and cities.
Make dates and history come alive with interactive time lines. Create one using dipity and insert video and pictures
Get Them Talking With Voki And Vocaroo!
Voki lets students or teachers create talking cartoons. You can type the text for the program to speak or you can call and record your voice. Vocaroo lets students record their voice with the click of one button and then share it or use it in a presentation.
Fun Times With Comics and Cartoons
There are tons of sites for comic making. Our favorites are toondo, makebeliefs and marvelkids. Some students also like powtoon, pixton, stripgnerator and pikistips.
Study Time!
Quizlet is a great site for students to make their own study flash cards and games! It is fast and easy to use.
Wise Words
"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important."
-Bill Gates
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