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Health screening procedures

Questionnaires, client confidentiality, client consultation and informed consent

junaid khaliq

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Health screening procedures

Health screening procedures
Learning outcomes
Health screening?
Screening is a way of identifying apparently healthy people who may have an increased risk of a particular condition. The NHS offers a range of screening tests to different sections of the population
Aim is to offer screening to the people who are most likely to benefit from it. For example, some screening tests are only offered to newborn babies, others such as breast screening and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening are only offered to older people
Involves collecting information regarding an individuals current physical activity levels, dietary habits and lifestyle
Set of questions on a given topic that can be filled in by an interviewer or by the person being asked the questions
Best used to collect information that is not available elsewhere as a secondary resource
Health screening questionnaires likely to contain questions specific to following areas....
Can be completed in many formats
-Physical activity level
-Current physical activity levels
-Personal training goals
-Alcohol consumption
-Stress levels
-Dietary habits
Informed consent
A form that is signed by the client giving their consent to exercise and stating they have fully disclosed all items that may in any way affect their exercise participation
Legal term that maintains that you have clear understanding of what you are consenting to. In order to give informed consent, one must be legally capable of consenting
Before administering any health or fitness tests ..the individual tested should complete an informed consent
Documented evidence that shows you have provided individual with all necessary information to undertake the tests
-Are able to follow the test methods
-Know exactly what is required of them during testing
-Have fully consented to their participation in the fitness tests
-Know they are able to ask you questions relating to the tests
-Understand they can be withdraw their consent at any time

Form should be signed and dated by:
Individual needs to complete form to confirm that they are ...
-The individual to be tested
-Their parents/guardians (under 18)
-You (tester)
Client confidentiality
Principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason
During screening process.. client will provide you with information relating to their personal health and fitness .. and also collect information from health monitoring tests and fitness tests
Personal data and information must be treated with utmost care and your responsibility to maintain client confidentiality by ensuring that ..
-Such records are used and viewed only by yourself as the fitness instructor.. and supervisor/assessor
-Your records are kept securely and must not be left in public place and electronic copies need to be password protected
-Contents of health screening and fitness assessments are not discussed in public with anyone else inc friends and family
Client consultation
Legal requirement to perform a consultation before every treatment
What makes a good client consultation?
Good Communication
Put Clients at Ease
During screening you will need ensure individual feels at ease .. rapport.. keep them fully informed ... and show discretion
Important to listen to client and ask questions
Be aware of body language and non verbal messages you are giving out
Clearly communicate findings and implications of these
Medical referral
Questionnaire results and results from health monitoring can be used to identify risk factors and those requiring referral to GP
Factors include: heart conditions, chest pain, breathlessness, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy and bone/joint problems
What I need to do
Informed consent
Client confidentiality
Client consultation

Why these components?
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