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AP Psychology Brain Project

No description

Alysia Cedillo

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of AP Psychology Brain Project

The finished product
After we finished recording, Paul and I listened to the outcome of our genius minds. We used our temporal lobes to hear the music.
A Day In the Life of John Lennon: AP Psych Brain Project By Alysia Cedillo and Jordan Shaker
I was sleeping when...
My alarm clock aroused me to wake up. My reticular formation allowed me to sense this arousal.
when I was getting out of bed, my feet were imbalanced because my cerebellum was still groggy and slightly slow.
Time for pancakes!
The hypothalamus is a maintenance structure; it directs activities such as eating, drinking, and body temperature. It also helps direct the endocrine system.
The reticular formation is located in the brainstem and is involved with any kind of arousal, such as a pinch or a sudden noise.
It could have been a nice awakening, but...
The cerebellum's function is to take in sensory input and give out coordinating movement and controls the body's balance.
Since I haven't eaten since last night, my hypothalamus caused a sense of hunger to activate.
Why are eyes deceiving?
After eating breakfast, I needed to head to work. As I was driving to the studio when I had a near-death experience. A girl caught my attention and the visual information entering my occipital lobe was focused on her instead of the road.
The function of the occipital lobe is to process visual information that enters the pupil.
Although I almost died...
Using my motor cortex, I walked over to the culprit, and asked her on a date. My frontal lobe confirmed that I'm available after work tonight.
The frontal lobe contains the motor cortex, which controls muscle movements. It also is involved with making plans and judgements.
Time for work!
I was writing the song "A Day in the Life" when I had to use my hippocampus to remember parts of my childhood to put in the song.
The hippocampus is part of the limbic system, and it is where memories are stored.
Disputes among the writers...
I was writing this song with Paul McCartney, and since we don't always agree on what the lyrics should be, he ended up punching me. My pariental lobe allowed me to feel the impact of his fist.
The pariental lobe is located at the back of the skull and it's function is to receive the sense of touch.
Artists in action
Paul and I resolved the dispute and finished the lyrics for the song. In order to get my mouth moving to sing "A Day In the Life" in English, I used the Broca's area.
Broca's area controls speech; It directs the muscle movements involved with speaking words of a language.
The temporal lobe is a portion of cerebral cortex that's near the ears and involves auditory signals. It's associated with hearing.
After my date, which I thought went very well, the girl told me that she never wanted to see me again! I felt an overwhelming emotion of sadness from my amygdala.
The amygdala is two small clusters in the limbic system that play a big role in emotion.
Swimming to soothe my sadness
I thought some physical activity would make me happier. But boy, was I wrong. I almost drowned! Thankfully, I was able to surface again, so that my medulla could continue to regulate my breathing and keep me alive.
The medulla is one of the oldest parts of the brain. Located at the base of the brainstem, it controls autonomous breathing and heartbeat.
Today was a long day...
Just as I was about to go to sleep, I heard the sound of a dog barking. My thalamus sent this information to my higher brain regions, which then recognized that this sound was my dog whom I had left outside and forgot to put back in!
The thalamus is located at the top of the brainstem. It takes sensory information from all the senses but smell, and sends this information to the higher brain regions. It sometimes then receives replies and sends them to the cerebellum or medulla.
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