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Louisville NCAA

No description

Tyffany Buchanan

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Louisville NCAA

Louisville NCAA Some Facts About Louisville NCAA 120 miles from Decatur Central 38* latitude
85* longitude
Th The Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team is the 18th winnings college basketball team in NCAA Division I history and has the 10th best winning percentage in college basketball history. Currently coached by Rick Pitino, the Cardinals of the University of Louisville have a tradition of continued success, having been to 36 NCAA tournaments (5th all time) with 60 tournament wins (6th all time). Louisville has been to eight Final Fours (7th all time) and is one of only 13 programs in the nation to have won two NCAA championships. Under Denny Crum, Louisville was the premier program of the 1980s, going to four Final Fours, winning two NCAA championships, and posting the best NCAA tournament record of that era. Louisville's rivalry with the University of Kentucky is considered one of the most intense in college sports, and the basketball game is commonly known as the Dream Game by locals and Battle for the Bluegrass by those outside the Commonwealth. The Louisville Cardinals (also known as the Cards) are the athletic teams representing the University of Louisville
. A member of the Big East Conference
Since 2005, they are known nationally as traditional powers in men's basketball
, women's volleyball, cheerleading and dance team. In recent years, the football team
Has also gained national attention with a 70-30 record since 2001 and finishes in the top 6 in both the final Bowl Championship Series
And AP polls in two of the last four seasons.
Since 2000 the Cardinals are the only NCAA team to win a BCS bowl game; to appear in the men's basketball Final Four, the College Baseball World Series, and the women's basketball Final Four (and title game); and to win a national championship in Track and Field
, Co-ed Cheerleading
And Dance Team.
The total sales of U of L merchandise has tripled since 2001, now ranking 32nd nationally in sales. Since 1997, the school has spent more than $150 million, all from private funding, in upgrading its sports facilities. Since 2004, U of L has won conference titles in eight sports. U of L currently fields 13 women's teams and 10 men's teams.
In the Sears Directors' Cup final standings released in June 2007, U of L finished 28th nationally. In 2008 and 2009, they finished 32nd
National Championship Years
1980, 1986
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