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How to make prezis

No description

oscar sudilovsky

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of How to make prezis

How to use Prezi
Step 3
Once you have chosen the format it is now time to pick the pictures or videos!
Step 4
if you would like to make previous changes or corrections, to the left of the editing screen are the sections of the prezi. clicking on these will show them to you.
You now know about the art of presentation!
Hello, my name is Oscar. I am going to give you a lesson on a magical program called Prezi. lets get started!

Step 1
After your research is completed, you are ready to make the Prezi starting with the format.
Prezi offers many pre-made format options such as this one. Or you could always make your own.
Your template should reflect how much you want to break up the topic or your prezi.
on the top of the editing screen you will see the button that says "insert".
clicking on this button give you a wide variety of options such as images (wich are the ones i used for the examples here). after you choose one a wild search bar will appear so you can search for a image or a video. then drag it in the frame.
also next to the insert button are the "themes" and "frames and arrows" buttons
Prezi can be used to give a presentation with a bit more ACTION and PIZZAZZ!
if you look above you can see the logo for prezi
(I just thought that was important)
any questions?
Yes. its a very big deal.
step 2
after the format is chosen the text will now be added to the presentation simply by clicking on the frames!
we are done!
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