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My family tree

My family tree

al bedford

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of My family tree

My Family Tree Alec Bedford
D.O.B: 8/7/1998
occupation: student
death: not applicable Stewart Bedford D.O.B: 20/8/2000
occupation: student
death: not applicable Cameron Bedford D.O.B: 18/6/1996
occupation: student
death: not applicable James Bedford D.O.B: 23/7/1994
occupation: student
death: not applicable Gordon Bedford D.O.B: 25/2/1956
occupation: teacher
death: not applicable Heather Bedford (Henderson) D.O.B: 17/12/1963
occupation: nurse/pathology collector
death: not applicable Shelley Bedford D.O.B: 27/9/1957
occupation: manager
death: not applicable Ross Henderson D.O.B: 13/9/1967
occupation: insurance valuer
death: not applicable Trevor Henderson D.O.B: 15/8/1965
occupation: builder
death: not applicable Arthur Bedford D.O.B: 15/8/1921
occupation: farmer/ mechanic
death: not applicable Leila Bedford (Gordon) D.O.B: 22/11/1916
occupation: housewife
death: not applicable Rebecca Henderson
(Leahman) D.O.B: 14/3/1970
occupation: markerting
death: not applicable Eliza Henderson D.O.B: 3/6/2000
occupation: student
death: not applicable Grace Henderson D.O.B: 15/4/2002
occupation: student
death not applicable charles Henderson D.O.B: 13/1/2004
occupation: student
death: not applicable Tracey Henderson (McNeice) D.O.B: 6/4/197o
occupation: office manager
death: not applicable Michael Henderson D.O.B: 12/3/1994
occupation: student/Coles
death: not applicable Cassandra Henderson D.O.B: 11/6/1996
occupation: student
death: not applicable

Gary Andrew D.O.B: 1956
occupation: Manager of Boral
death: not applicable Clinton Andrew D.O.B: 17/2/1981
occupation: plumber
death: not applicable Christopher Andrew Henderson cousins and my brothers D.O.B: 5/1/1986
occupation: mine superviser
death: not applicable James Henderson D.O.B: 10/10/1939
occupation: teacher/carpenter
death: not applicable Marjorie Henderson (Gowty) D.O.B: 27/9/1939
occupation: nurse
death: not applicable John Gordan D.O.B: 1862
occupation: farmer
death: 1942 Getrude Gordon (Steven) D.O.B: 1877
occupation: farmer
death: 1973 Me with my guinea pig Walker Bedford D.O.B: 1887
occupation: worked for Vic railways
death: 1967 Emma Bedford (Mackie) D.O.B: 1896
occupation: housewife
death: 1978 Jeffery Henderson D.O.B: 24/4/1903
occupation: farmer
death: 1988 Ina Henderson (Morresi) D.O.B: 22/1/1904
occupation: housewife
death: 1996 Horace Gowty D.O.B: 3/7/1903
occupation: pastor
death: 1981 Lillian Gowty (North) D.O.B:22/1/1904
occupation: housewife/ teacher assistant
death:1986 THE END
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