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intelligent materials

anahi Vega 886753 Carlos Guerrero 886789

anahi vega

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of intelligent materials

intelligent materials
Anahi Vega Carlos Guerrero The software The product comes with a PC software that allows upload different shapes What is it? It is a new technology developed by Philips, and it consists on Luminous Textiles that are incorporated to fabrics without changing their texture and use.
With this material, color and light effects can be applied to different kinds of objects, such as clothes, and every product that uses textiles.
How does it work? The material consists on a flexible LED that is made in the shape of a thread and can be sewed in every type of fabric.
All the electronic components of the cloth remain totally hidden from the viewers and the user itself, so the sensation of touching it is exactly the same one of touching a normal textile.

The material uses especial software that allows the users to create their own designs, which can go from luminescent surfaces to dynamic images and messages. When the fabric needs to be washed, the battery and the electric control contained inside just need to be unplugged. Applications.. Furniture: This textile can be applied to the upholstery of different objects that can be used at home or work.

-Interior Design: Every object made with fabrics can be transformed into a new luminescent product. This intelligent material can be applied to curtains, wallpapers, pillows, bedclothes and other objects, to create a new color and light experience with every use. -Advertising: The textiles can be used for the promotion of different products, since the lighting messages and images shown attract the attention and can be transformed into different shapes every time the users wants to. -Fashion Design: The fabrics give the user the chance to personalize their clothes in different ways and allow the designers to create new styles and trends by using new fabrics. References:

Luminous Textiles
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