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Charles Wong

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Summary

Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
What does the story symbolize?
What does this story symbolize?
Anti-gerasone- a clutch to keep living, necessity, greed
Central point of all problems in society. It shows how when given an option to benefit either ourselves or society, we choose ourselves. Although the elderly realize they should die so that the youth can live life to the fullest, they stubbornly insist on living decades longer than they were ever meant to live

The use of technology that cripples society, rather than benefits it

The effect of living in a society controlled by a group of people that is greedy.
"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" is a short story by Kurt Vonnegut written in 1953, the title comes from Shakespeare's famous line from the play Macbeth "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow." The name "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" appears in Vonnegut's collection of short stories, Welcome to the Monkey House. The story was originally titled "The Big Trip Up Yonder”

The setting is 2158 A.D. and the Schwartz family is at the mercy of Gramps, a nearly 200 year old elderly man.

The family lives in one apartment and tries to please Gramps, but secretly wonder when he will cease living and hope for his final day to come as soon as possible.

Gramps threatens his family of their removal from the family will whenever anyone tries to rebel against his authority.

Anti-gerasone causes the elders of the society to rule the community, and increases the over-population problem.

Ironically, Em, Lou, and the rest of the family find peace and solitude in jail where they can escape the confined life they lived with Gramps.

What will happen if we live in a society controlled by one group of
greedy people?
1. It will look like the ancient society
in which kings and noble are
extremely rich while normal peasants have nothing.
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