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Ungdomstinget Lund

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Nepalföreläsning

Empower Youth for Democracy
Where is Nepal?
Goal and main issues
Stay in Sweden
Stay in Nepal
The process
What we learned
Step 3
Ebba gets inspiration
Group is formed
Co-operation with ABC
Basic fact
Situation for youth
Ebba and Linda goes east!!!
Purpose with pre-study
What we did
To empower youth so that they get tools to work for democracy, peace and an enhanzed well being among young people
Main questions:
Youth and democracy
Empower Youth
How to engage and motivate youth
Young peoples health and well being
Discrimination and equality
September 2009
Future Workshop
Friskis & Svettis
Adventure Pedagogics
December/January 2010
Hang over hiking (6 h)
Meeting transgender youth
Dancing sessions
Time management and mutual understanding is a must if the project goal is to be reached!
Including everyone is extremely important!
Being a part of a bigger group, feeling included and that you are working towards something will empower anyone
Everything is possible.
Dance and music brings people together

Systematical work with an understanding between political parties is needed for development (Nepalese)
Through discussions and cultural differences we can learn about gender.
Democracy is complex, there are million ways of doing it.
Not to take democracy for granted
I think the leadership camps in Nepal seem to be a great thing. We ALL need to become a leader.
Education is important - it was mentioned over and over again
Democracy can only exist through trust and mutual co-operation. Working with team work, systematization and honesty is one way of reaching it.
Society doesn’t have to be so individualistic and stressed (Swedes)
Youth can do it!
The process; two future workshops
Goals with the Resource Centre:
To work for a decrease in youth unemployment by providing informative, supportive and creative services and access to resources.
To provide youth a platform to share experience, gain skills, get motivated and build confidence, to have fun and be helped to become healthy young people.
To be ”one door in, many doors out”, by bringing together and working with a cooperative approach with the.actors that have youth focused resources
The result: A Resource Centre for youth
October 2008
Cultural clash
Cultural clash
Veronica - "Democrazy"
Gopi - Mr Twinkle eyes
Ebba-The Fast and the furious
Linda - The Fast Reader
Viktor - "- Were is Viktor? - He is ill."
Hanna - "Life is an exhange project"
Ellen - "According to the guidebook..."
Adam - The Canadian guy
Bhawana - The married one
Madan - "I want a
beautiful wife"
Sanjita - the dancing queen
Narendra - The Philosopher
Rajendra - The
family guy
-non-religious, non- profit NGO

-founded in 1998, in Lund

-Working for a sustainable development for people and environment, and to make the world a more equal and just place.


-Fair trade shop (participates in fair trade activities)

-Projects with partner organisations
-The leading youth NGO in Nepal
-Founded in 2003
-By youth, for youth
-Working with democracy, human rights, peace and social harmony, sexual and reproductive health
-Wants to get more young people involved in decision-making and nation building processes in Nepal.
-Educate, Engage, Empower
Meeting local politicians
Visiting organisations
lenght of workdays
Living with Swedish families
House of Dreams
The Youth Council of Lund
26.000 000 inhabitants
Capital city: Kathmandu
147 181 km2
Highest mountain: Mount Everest (8 848 meter)
Main language: Nepali
More than 120 ethnical groups and living languages
Caste system
Youth until 30
Governed by family
Discrimination (women)
Emigrate to work 3 years
Forum Syd was started in 1995
- Umbrella organisation for Swedish aid-organisations., 250 organisations
- Working with lobeing for global justice on Swedish national level
- Handles SIDA’s economic support to smaller organisations aid-work
How do you work to get the youths thoughts & ideas before the decision-making?
If you were Nepal, would you build the society like the one we have in Sweden now, or would you do something different?
What is the key-factor to keep social harmony and systems?
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