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Unique Ever Lock

Unique Ever Lock

Kamaldeep Mann

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of Unique Ever Lock

What it is – our product, a little bit about it, background info
It’s All about the Money – start up costs , what our initial sales were, sales as of now, our offer
To Make the best Ever Lock we need the best people – why we need the money, and what it will be used for
We won’t Leave you hanging – what you will receive as an investor, and what the customers receive
Why we are the best – why our product would be successful in the market
The Future – what’s ahead Overview: A lock that is activated with the use of your own fingerprint, uses the basic concept of a combination lock, minus the annoyance of a having to remember a number or word to open it. The product that we created, is called the ever lock. It comes in several different types - such as normal and then a modified one, in which you get to chose form a verity of shapes and colours.
Durable It’s all about the money! Why buy an Ever Lock ? Advantages of the Lock Contract with school board
Negotiating contracts with local stores i.e. - Wal-Mart. Home Hardware
Worldwide Patent - $10,000
Research and Development - $ 20,000
Units Produced - 4,000 of the original, and 3,00o of the modified
Advertising - 9,000

Ever Lock Success 1 2 3 4 5 6 What Exactly is an Ever Lock You Ask? Unique Ever Lock 400,000 dollars for a 30 percent stake in our company. “Each person's signature is as individual as their fingerprint.”

~ Roger Weeks
Profits Revenue approx. quarter million Tech Forward Eco Friendly Mind-blowing Beyond its time Everlasting Are you tired of remembering useless combinations?
Does the worry of forgetting those pesky 3 numbers intimidate you?
Is your life already more complex, and with adding the anxiety of memorizing a word or certain numbers to help open a lock annoy you?
Well no need to fear anymore !
So we hope that you will make the right choice and invest with the Ever Lock. You can lose a combination but you can never lose your fingerprint.
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