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Dareen Habashy

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Education:|

Grade 10
Grade 9
Grade 11&12
Grade 9:
Physical Education (2)
Art (2)
Band (2)
Choir (2)
Computer Programming (2)
Photography (2)
Dance Class(2)
Grade 11 and 12
Dareen Habashy, Jessica Ramzy, Nada Abdelatty
Grade 10:
Social Sciences:
World Cultures
First Language (mandatory) :
English: Introduction to Genres
Second Language:
Arabic 9
Spanish 9
German 9
French 9
Chinese 9
Latin 9
Physical Education
Computer Programming
Dance Class
Social Sciences:
World Views:
First Language (mandatory) :
English: World Literature
Second Language:
Arabic 9
Spanish 9
German 9
French 9
Chinese 9
Latin 9
Global Perspectives
Algebra 2
Geometry 2
Applied Sciences
Computer Science
Earth and Space Science
Religion and Beliefs
Sciences (Optional):
Social Sciences:
World Views:
(IB) English 11
(IB) Arabic 11
(IB) Spanish 11
(IB) German 11
(IB) French 11
(IB) Chinese 11
(IB) Latin 11
(IB) Anthropology
(IB) Economics
(IB) History
(IB) Politics
(IB) Business and Management
(IB) Psychology
(IB) Sociology
(IB) Geography
(IB) Philosophy
(IB) Religion
(IB) Cultures
(IB) Music
(IB) Art
(IB) Physical Education & Health
(IB) Digital Multimedia

(IB) Math Studies
(IB) Standard Level Math
(IB) High Level Math
(IB) Chemistry
(IB) Computer Science
(IB) Ecology
(IB) Physics
(IB) Biology
(IB) Astronomy
Algebra (2)
Geometry (2)
Students are required to take biology in 9th grade because it gives them an overview of the environment surrounding them and what living things are made of. Not only that, but they are at an age where they should know how to take care of their body and to know what is harmful to it.
The aim of this course is to inform students about the different beliefs and religions out there. Every couple of weeks the students will learn about a different religion or belief system so that they become aware of other people's views perception on things.
If the student chooses to continue with this course, he/she will study more religions in depth to learn about what other people believe and why.
The aim of this course is to mold a person who is not just familiar with his/her own culture, but is also well aware of other people's ways of living and traditions.
Science should be an option for those who are interested in it. Students should have the choice of what they would like to learn instead of being forced into a subject they don't enjoy. If they choose to take another social science or language instead, it should be their choice.
English is mandatory in the first two years of high school
Second language can be changed in the first two years in order to experiment and maintain flexibility
Global Perspectives is aimed to give students a background on current events and allow them to be able to discuss and be aware of important factors happening internationally in order to highlight understanding and open-mindedness
At this stage in high school, students may not feel the need to pursue a career involving english, therefore, English has become an optional course for a student wanting to exceed further knowledge on another language, or pursue a math-orientated, or another career
For students wishing to focus more on social sciences, this school offers a wide range of choices to select from. If they wish to maintain focus on social sciences, then they have the option of taking additional courses in the places of science and English in order to satisfy their future requirements
Students have a lot of elective choices so that every student may peruse his or her passion or dream. Freshmen are required to choose 2 electives that they are going to stay in for the rest of the year.
Students get to examine and look at different kinds of art from around the globe to understand how different cultures interact with art. In the end of the year students get to create a piece f art from the culture that most interest them.
Students first and foremost get to improve their fitness. However after that they play different kind of sports from Rugby to american football and get to choose which one to specialize in. Students will also get to invent their own sport and this encourages innovation and creativity.
Students look at all kinds of music from and are required to compose any kind of music as their final grade. This encourages the enhancement of the identity of the student and encourages them to not have the fear of failure and start creating and producting
In this course students will get to travel and take pictures of memorable historical pictures. They will also learn how to convey messages through pictures. This course will force students to think out of the box and explore themselves through pictures.
Students will learn dances from around the world and will get to choreograph their own unique dance from the culture they found the most interesting.
Students are only forced to take maths in their freshmen year just to get the basics and then it's optional.
Students get to choose which maths they want to take if they are interested in going into something in college that requires maths. However as mentioned before they can take another elective instead. For IB students they are placed in a math level that doesn't downgrade their maths abilities.
Mission Statement
Students can ether take the same elective they choose in their freshmen in a more deeper advanced way
or they can just choose a new elective

Maths in the student's sophomore year is not mandatory it's optional and if one doesn't want to take it one can choose a second elective. Students who are interested in maths or need it as a prerequisite can choose one of the three maths.
Student get to choose what elective interests them most
nothing can stop them from taking the course they want
Our Mission statement is to create independent students who are open minded about different cultures and beliefs.
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