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power point

kirsty fort

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of psychology

Carl Jung Strengths Allana, Alex and Kirsty Personality Development Introduction The two theorists we chose are
Carl Jung and Katherine Benziger. Definition: the combination of characteristics or qualities
that form an individual’s distinctive character:
she had a sunny personality that was very engaging Personal unconscious Innate unconscious 8 personality types -Introversion & Extroversion Personal Unconscious Innate unconscious &ExperiencesMemories Reservoir of experience & knowledge psychologically inherited Types of Personality Four functions -feeling, thinking, sensation & intuition His Conclusion Eight Distinctive Personality Types Extroverted Sensing - Introverted Sensing Extroverted Thinking - Introverted Thinking Extroverted Intuitive - Introverted Intuitive Extroverted Feeling - Introverted Feeling Formed-the basis of MyersBriggs Type Indicator Jung's theory still used today Weaknesses Emotional upbringing Religion incorporated into theory Theory - basically what he thought Myers-Briggs test is based on Jung's theory Online Psychometric Test http://www.123test.com Pros - 92 questions
Used by many organisations
People believe in Jung's technique Cons - Can lie
You be who you want to be Katherine Benziger 30 years of teaching Her Theory - validating the link with Carl Jung Model of BTSA - Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment The Benziger approach was designed to focus on four specific management goals:
1. Increasing quality performance for individuals and groups
2. Improving individual and team creativity and analytical decision making
3. Reducing maladaptive interpersonal conflict
4. Lowering turnover and absenteeism rates THINKING/FRONTAL LEFT SENSING/BASAL LEFT FEELING /FRONTAL RIGHT INTUITION/BASAL RIGHT Comparisons Benziger - state of the art analysis Falsification of Type - How? Focuses on personality assessment rather than testing Conclusion Why do we have psychemetric tests? Personality Types in the Population Thank you for your attention today! Any questions? http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/personality Based his work on individuals Questions not accurate enough Believed personality is dictated by the 4 lobes in the brain Jung - theory from individuals Personal experience Personal experience Methods of Measuring
Personality Questionnaires
Role play
Personality tests References www.counter-currents.com
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