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climate change

global warming

Maria Fernanda Sanchez

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of climate change

Climate change http://www.eschooltoday.com/climate_change.html greenhouse Gases water vapour
carbon dioxide
ozone is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere GLOBAL WARMING is changes in the Earth's climate, especially those produced by global warming CLIMATE CHANGE main effects of climate change 1. heating of the earth can cause breathing problemas and many illneses. 2. in dry regions it is more likely to have bush fires which may lead to destruction of farms animals and property. 3. the rising temperature will lead to melting icebergs and cause floods that may destroy farms, kill animals and people 4. warmer tempertatures can cause droughts which may affect the food supply and as a result may cause illneses and kill many people. JIYOON PARK SARAH-LEIGH ROBERTSON maria fernanda sanchez thank you for your attention NOW......... YOUR TURN! 'DEADLY DOZEN' 1.Avian influenza
5.Intestinal and external parasites
6.Lyme disease
8."Red tides"
9.Rift Valley Fever
10.Sleeping sickness
12.Yellow fever
all of these diseases are affected by global warming.
the tropical area will expand. the diseases will spread into new areas. these diseases may affect undeveloped countries. how can I help reduce global warming?
try to avoid using cars try to walk instead.
use public transport to reduce the amount of cars used.
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