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How to Annotate an Article

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on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of How to Annotate an Article

(noun) a note of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram
Annotation (anne-no-tae-shun)
Benefits of Annotating
How To Annotate
1) Read the article.
Keep in mind what things stand out to you.
2) Highlight key phrases and things that you find are important.
Remember that those who highlight everything highlight nothing!
3) Take notes and write comments/questions based on what you have read.
If you need more space to write, use sticky notes or a piece of paper.
The Reasons For Annotating
By TJ Thomas and Joshua Wilson
How to Annotate an Article
You will need a highlighter, pen or pencil, sticky notes and/or an extra sheet of paper (if needed).
The main reasons people annotate is to have a better understanding of the material in the article and to take notes on the article to answer questions.
Helps gives the reader a better understanding of the reading
It is a more interactive way to learn and do reading assignments
It helps the reader focus on what they are reading
Helps to pick out the main ideas and points
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