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Pop Culture

No description

Stephanie Michelle

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Pop Culture

Pop Culture
What is pop culture?
We will look at Pop culture in it's relation to:
Historical Events
: Think Forest Gump, Fury, The Tudors, Mad Men and etc.
How our Family TV shows evolve
: Think Modern Family, Father Knows Best, The Simpsons
How Teachers, Youth, and School is represented
: Think Glee, Freedom writers, High School Musical, The Boy Next Door, and etc.
How our personal image is represented
: MMA, Photoshop, Superheroes.
What is
pop Culture?
Popular Culture is comprised of everyday object, actions, and events that influence people to believe and behave in certain ways.

Pop culture puts out subtle messages about what is "appropriate", "inappropriate", "desirable", "undesirable", "good" and "bad"
We will focus on mediated pop culture.
Pop culture is often considered "low culture" to the sophisticated. It is also often considered the same as consumer culture, meant for mass consumption.
Is there an underlying message in mediated pop culture? Could you analyze a show, movie, or song using pop culture?
Take a minute and write down your favorite Movie, Television Show, Song, and Cartoon and tell me why.
Mediated popular culture can be defined as what we experience through movies, TV, songs, comic strips, and advertisements that may influence us to believe and behave in certain ways.
Mrs. Hilliary's Favorites
What was important to you?
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