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School Students Should Face Mandatory Drug Tests

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Tyler Corman

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of School Students Should Face Mandatory Drug Tests

School Students Should Face Mandatory Drug Tests
"The Drug War cannot stand the light of day. It will collapse as quickly as the Vietnam War, as soon as people find out what's really going on."

Somebody's trying to tell you
that you can live life in a dream
swallow a pill
get set for a thrill
at least thats how it will seem
why should you fall for the phony
when you can stand for the true?
Don't let them fool you,
don't you fall for that line...
no way... YOU, Be YOU..
Pharmicitical folly, thats a dead end for sure
you can be a part of the problem
or you could be a part of the cure
so you be a light in the darkness
you be a port in the storm
you be a star who knows who you are
and helps keep others from harm...

Anonymous Wasted? So is your life Get high on Life, not on drugs
Too smart to start Hang tough, don’t puff
Keep off the Grass! Above the Influence Just say no! I've never done a single drug in my
entire life and it will remain that way! Facts On Mandatory Drug Tests The Need For Mandatory Drug Tests Benefits Of Mandatory Drug Testing Drug tests conducted by the school
management for students aim at keeping
the students away from getting habituated
with drugs. These tests are never administrated with
the intention of punishing students who
have gotten used to the intake of drugs.
The growing competitive trend among students
get into the drug habits for the sheer reason of enhancing
their performance.
Studies doen by the office on the National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
revealed that 15000 schools in America have brought in mandatory drug
testing for their students. It's very likely that those who inhabit drugs tend to
get distracted form studies. This distraction penetrates
into their studies and in the long term at school they will
start going down hill.
Mandatory drug testing not only aims at avoiding
the illegal use of drugs among students but also removes
the destractions that slow academic growth. Addiction is one of the possible factors when it comes to
teens being habituated with the occasional drug use. Drug use paves way foir dropping out from school
due to the copntinuous failures. Drug use increases teen unemployment and
unemployed teens in crime and theft. Dope among athletes at school level can be detedted and changed in a positive way with mandatory drug tests. Fear of being found guilty keeps many students from drug usage. Helps controlling violence among school
students. The major reason for violence among students is addiction to the intake of drugs.
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