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Utopian Society

Kateri and Reagan

Kateri Conklin

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Utopian Society

(Happy Place)
Pollution- Problem #1
Pollution is a major problem in today's society. It will kill off animals and ruin our air quality. These are our solutions...
1 . We will make everyone ride surfboards and canoes and our roads will be water.
2. All citizens will have solar panels to power any electricity .
3. There will be no factories; citizens will make and trade anything that they need.
4. Each citizen will be in charge of keeping one sea animal safe, and they will bond with them, causing them to not pollute.
5. There will be no trash created because everything will be reused.
Problem#2 Weather
Weather is an issue because it causes crop failure, due to unnatural weather behavior. As well as, destruction and death.
1. Houses and buildings can be built out of strong materials.
2. Caves for protection of storms
Hua'oli Kauwahi
Mission Statement
3. Climate change can cause sickness and crop failure and we are living on Hawaii so there is always temperature consistency.
Hua'oli Kauwahi, happy place, is a society located on the islands of Hawaii. Our mission is to create a perfect society, with rich crops, great weather, no pollution, and more! Our community is the best Utopia out there!
Location-Hawaii Islands
We chose our Utopian Society to be in Hawaii, because it is rich in wildlife. It also has great weather and fertile soil which is good for crops. The temperature in Hawaii is generally consistent at warm temperatures which is very tolerable. Overall, this is a great spot for a perfect community!
Hua'oli Kauwahi Created by:
Kateri and Reagan
Terrorism/Crime- Problem #2
4. Underground shelters can be created for people to go to if there were to be a hurricane.
We need to eliminate terrorism and crime because it can cause hate and pain to people in the community.
1. No firearms allowed for personal use
2. Religious tolerance that does not involve physical and mental abuse to others
3. Regulate interaction with outside world
4. Background checks on all citizens
5. Defense system for community to prevent attacks
5. Tropical storms will often occur so we can make strongly built buildings that will withstand heavy winds.
Problem#4 Overpopulation
Overpopulation causes diseases to spread quickly. Hunger and depletion of resources are also a problem with overpopulation
1. Free option of birth control
2. Limit 2 children per woman unless siblings donate.
3. No sexual intercourse for anyone under 21.
4. Compensation for couples who have no children.
5. Free educational classes to promote healthy lifestyles
Unemployment- Problem #5
Unemployment is a huge problem which causes hunger, poverty, and death. We can eliminate it by
1. Providing one job for every adult
2. We can make every citizen grow the appropriate amount of veggies for their family
3. Government provides adequate amount of livestock
4. Government purify all water before drinking
5. Every citizen likes their job and enjoys working
Our society will promote a healthy lifestyle with fresh air and water. Homegrown foods help people become self-reliant. Due to mostly warm weather, crops are able to be grown year round. Thanks tho Hau' oli Kauwahi's isolated location crime and terrorism is not a problem.
Why should people want to live in our society?
Problem #3 Terrorism
Terrorism and crimes cause hatred and death.
1. No firearms allowed for personal use.
2. Religious tolerance that does not involve physical and mental abuse to other.
3. Regulate interaction with outside world (monitor).
4. Background checks on all citizens every few months.
5. Defense system installed for community to prevent attacks.
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