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Toy Story 2

No description

Ethan Sellers

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Toy Story 2

Ethan Sellers Toy Story 2 Call to Action The Gift and Return The call action starts when Andy rips Woody's arm, and his mom puts him on the shelf. Then wheezy gets put in the yard sell, and woody goes to get him. The threshold is when Al steals woody out of the lock box.
The Threshold Helpers
Buzz, Rex, Mr. PatatoHead, Slinky, Porkchop, Jessie, and Bullseye -They are helping woody escape from Al when he takes The Roundup Gang to the airport. When he decides not to go with buzz and he sits down and is watching woody's round up. The Revelation The return is when they get back to Andy's house.
The gift is when Andy fixes woody's arm and accepts Jessie and Bullseye. Helpers And Mentors Mentors
Jessie, The Prospector, and Bullseye-They teach woody that everything is not about him. The Abyss The Abyss is when is when buzz shows up to bring Woody back to Andys, but Jessie has told him about her kid (Emily). This makes Woody feel bad for wanting to leave, so he doesn't go with buzz. Al Is the Threshold Guardian in my point of view because he stole woody form the lock box taking him out of his safe zone(Andy's home). Threshold Guardians When jessie and bullseye decide to go with woody back to Andys house. The Transformation
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