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Thailand's Culture

No description

Kaila Hubbard

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Thailand's Culture

The Culture of Thailand Ronni Wells & Kaila Hubbard Religion Languages Ethnic Groups Education Introduction Lesson Question Clothing Traditional Clothing How do customs and traditions reflect the major ethnic and religious groups of the countries in Southern and Eastern Asia? public schools are free
all children must go to school from ages 6-15 pineapples Thai- Thai Thailand is found in Southeastern Asia and it is bordered by Burma, Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Women pha sin
a sash Men seua phra-
sash western-style clothing Standards Family/Family Life Roles Men Women Influence of Geography Jobs Food different pitch= different meaning Islam- 3.8% Christianity-0.5% Hinduism-0.1% Buddhism -95% Map of Thailand English Chinese Malays Tropical Climate curries mangoes spicy coconut milk bananas durians social and economic take care of children small business owners farmers Both they both do agricultural work rice official language various types of Thai Hill Tribes Golden Garden Buddha Poster Sticky Rice and Mangoes papayas Islam Symbol Say An "Om" Cross Portrait of an Akha Hill Tribe Woman in Traditional Clothing, Mae Hong Son Province Chinese Culture Baan Birk Faa Children It has high levels of ground (Khorat Plateau) along with great water access (Mekong River and Chao Phraya River) and a central plain. It also has mountains, it's major peak is Doi Inthathon and rain forests. It mainly has a tropical climate with rainy and warm monsoons (mid-May-September) and dry, cool monsoons (November-mid-March). The People of Malaysia fish shellfish Clothing The climate mainly determines the clothing. If you're in a hot, desert climate, you are mostly likely going to wear less clothing. However, if you're in more of a colder climate, you are more likely to wear more clothing. salad Living & Education The climate and physical features of Thailand affect where people can stay and what type of jobs they can do such as many farmers near water and arable land and more industrial workers lacking the things of agricultural needs. Their education depends on where they live. The men are mainly farmers Arapaima Thai Red Curry have a wife and girlfriend hunters head of household housewives SS7G12- The student will describe the diverse cultural characteristics of people who live in Southern and Eastern Asia SS7G12A- Describe the predominant religious practices, customs, and traditions of the people of India, Indonesisa , China, and Japan. Essential Question How do religious, beliefs, customs, and traditions shape the culture of a society? Influence of Geography (continued) Ethnic Groups The physical features and climate, geography, can affect the culture of an ethnic group like their traditions and customs. Religion After the Tai-speaking people moving to areas near the Mekong River they became Theravada Buddhists. So, the Mekong River influenced the spread of Buddhism. Language Language varies depending on where the ethnic groups are found (which refers to living). Food The climate and physical features affects what can be grown in that area. For example, papayas grow in tropical climates rather than desert climates. many drop-outs wai private schools manufacturing " Enlightening Posters, Enlightening Prints, Art Prints, Poster Designs." Zazzle | Custom T-Shirts, Personalized Gifts, Posters, Art, and more. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 May 2013. <http://www.zazzle.com/enlightening+posters>.
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