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AIESEC Madison Info Session

No description

Chanho Eric Roh

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of AIESEC Madison Info Session

AIESEC Madison Member Recruitment Information Session Welcome to.. Agenda What is AIESEC?
AIESEC Experience
How to Apply! 65 years of AIESEC
54 years of AIESEC Madison
111+ Countries & territories
60,000+ members
470+ Conferences Annually
16,000+ International
Exchange Opportunities the AIESEC network AIESEC History Peace and fulfillment of
humankind's potential AIESEC Mission What is AIESEC? Bill Clinton
U.S president do you recognize
these AIESEC alumni? Helmut Kohl
former German
Prime Minister Kofi Annan
of the United Nations Peter Wuffli
UBS CEO Junichiro Koizumi
former Japanese
Prime Minister JuAníbal Cavaco Silva
Portugal president Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen
Carlsberg CEO Martti Ahtisaari
Finland president Why join AIESEC? Teams in AIESEC Madison Business Development (BD / ICX)
Communications (COMM)
Outgoing Exchange (OGX)
External Relations (ER)
Talent Management (TM)
Finance (F) Emily: External Relations (ER) Outgoing Exchange (OGX) Communications (Comm) Business Development (BD/ICX) Yilin: Stephen: Hans: How to apply? Mandatory Events for
Team Program: If you want to be involved with
the team programs, apply at
www.aiesecus-madison.org Weekly Meetings will be Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm
New Member Orientation: September 28th
RoKS Conference: October 19th - 21st, 2012 (Chicago) What's next? 1. Information session ( )
2: Discovery Day
Sunday 7pm-9pm in hearing room (4201) in SAC or
(Monday 7pm-9pm in room 1295 in Grainger)
3. Submit Application by September 18th at 11:59pm
4. Interviews: Sign-up released upon acceptance

We will send out a schedule of interview slots! Please write your name & email on the sign up sheet! Thank you! and more.. `
Discovery Day
September 16th Sunday 7pm-9pm in hearing room (4201) in SAC
or (September 17th Monday 7pm-9pm in room 1295 in Grainger)
Application by September 18th at 11:59pm
Apply at www.aiesecus-madison.org
Go Abroad! Info Session
Sep. 24th - 27th 7pm-8pm (Grainger 1190) "I independently designed and created a new website for AIESEC-Madison and also managed our Social Media feeds." "As an exchange participant (EP) manager, I helped my EPs to go through the application process and sent them abroad. One of my EPs went to Greece.
I also went to Egypt this summer to teach children." "By leading a team to plan and attend various campus events, I believe my experience on External Relations has helped me become a more confident and professional leader." "Business Development team allowed an average college student to experience the real business world. I have Signed $4,000 contracts with companies & traveled from San Francisco to Atlanta for sales training. How many college students get to do that?"
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