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Researchers : Aranda, Danielle R.

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Paul Bryan Jandusay

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Researchers : Aranda, Danielle R.

Researchers : Aranda, Danielle R.
Dela Cruz, Easter Grace
Dela Cruz, Roselle N.
Solero, Rosemarie U.

Definitions of Terms
Graduate Tracer Study
Bachelor of Science in Tourism
Employability Skills
Employment Status
Nature of Employment
Chapter III

> The researchers utilized the descriptive method of research

> purposive processes of gathering, analyzing, classifying and tabulating data about prevailing conditions, practices, processes, trends and cause-effect relationships and then making adequate and accurate interpretation about such data with or without the aid of the statistical tool.

> The primary aim of this study was to determine the employment status of the employability of Bachelor of Science in Tourism graduates, the relevance of their course with their current employment and to confirm the effect of curriculum in their employability skills.
Employment Status of
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
Graduates of the
ABE International Business College
Cubao andLegarda Campus
Batch 2009 to 2011
(A Graduate Tracer Study)

>In 2009, Survey of Tourism Establishments in the Philippines (STEP)

> October 2013 estimated figures from Labor Force Survey (LFS)

> First, was the tourism graduates of the particular school year are currently in the tourism industry. Second, were the subjects and practicum they had were applicable to their jobs. Another issue was that, what specific tourism jobs they have in the present. Lastly, what are their opinions and recommendations for the improvement of the curriculum.

> Both tourism graduates and the school will be the beneficiary
of this study.
Background of the Study
> Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is one of the courses offered by the ABE International Business College, Cubao and Legarda Campuses. It is a four-year collegiate degree program offered to individuals who are interested in making a career in the area of travel and tour industry.

> This study tracer of ABE International Business College tourism graduates of Cubao and Legarda Campuses for the School Year 2009-2011 is guided to give a relevant feedback with facts and figures about their careers after graduating, to reconnect graduates to their alma mater and also to determine the employment status of the respondents.

> Tracer study is the follow up of graduates of higher education or institutes. Its aim is to evaluate ones progress up to the time he or she gets a job. This study will assess the availability and the quality of tourism graduates and further help newly graduates as they pursue their career.
Theoretical Framework
The researchers adapted the general system’s theory by Edward Deming (J. Horine, 1993) to support on how improve skills and practicum for the incomes made.

> The System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), it is an effective theory of management that provides a framework of thought and action for any leader wishing to transform and create a thriving organization, with the aim for everybody to win.

> The theory generally states that the success in any system requires more than best efforts and hard work form the administrators.
Conceptual Framework
Statement of the Problem
General Objectives:
1. What is the Employment Profile of the Respondents in terms of the following?
1.1 Present Employment Status
1.a Employed
1. a. 1 Present Position
1. a. 2 Nature of Industry
1. b Unemployed
1. b. 1Reason/s for unemployment
2. What are the results of the overall experiences of the respondents regarding?
2.1 Academic Performance
2.2 Faculty-Staff - students interactions on maturity of working attitudes
3. Skills acquired in college that were able to apply in to work place?
3.1 Communication skills
3.2 Human relation skills
3.3 Entrepreneurial skills
3.6 Problem solving skills
3.7 Critical thinking skills
3.8 Information technology skills

4. What can you suggest to enhance the competitive edge of tourism graduates?
4.1 Employ only competent faculty members and continuously train them to update and improve their teaching competencies.
4.2 Review and update the curriculum and syllabi
4.3 Add more major subjects
4.4 Upgrade the facilities
4.5 Limit class size to 40 (or less) students

Significance of the study
The researchers will provide knowledge about the tourism graduates employability during the Academic Year 2009-2011. This tracer study was deemed significant to the benefits of the following sectors and groups of persons:
To the researchers
To the students,
To the College
To the future researchers
To the parents of researchers
Scope and Delimitation of the Study

> This tracer study was focused on determining the General and Employment profile of the ABE International Business College tourism graduates batch 2009-2011 of Cubao and Legarda campuses only.

> The researchers limit of the study with regards to the participants compliance to the researchers.

Chapter II
Population and Sampling Technique
> a total of twenty-one (21) respondents which broken down into the following – ABE International Business College Cubao Campus with 16 respondents and Legarda Campus with 5 respondents

> researchers used purposive sampling or so called deliberate sampling

researchers will make use of survey questionnaire to collect the data or information about the tourism graduates of ABE International Business College Cubao and Legarda Campuses

Data Gathering Procedure
> researchers will make use of survey questionnaires patterned with BSU and PUP (local tracer studies) and Tracer Study Proposal by Dr. F Cinches Australian National University Graduate Survey (foreign tracer study) as the data-gathering tool.

> In-person distribution, e-mail questionnaire, and facebook messaging will be used by the researchers to collect data

3. Ranking. This was used to determine the category of responses depending on the magnitude of the variable.

The method of ranking comprised of assigning numbers (or rank) according to their value relative to the others in the array. The greatest values are ranked as ‘5’or strongly agree, the next, ‘4’or agree, and so forth.

In line with the conceptual framework stated in this study, the following hypotheses were tested:
There is a significant relationship between the graduate’s skills acquired in Bachelor of Tourism Management course and each of the following variables:
a. Nature of employability,
b. Status of employment

Hypothesis of the Study


1. What is the Employment Profile of the Respondents in terms of the following?
1.2 Present Employment Status
1. a Employed
1. a. 1 Present Position
1. a. 2 Nature of Industry
1. b Unemployed
1. b. 1Reason/s for unemployment
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