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The Bible

No description

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of The Bible

Questions to Ask:
What is the
to this story?

Who is the
of this book?

is this passage?

Whose life
is being told?
Many pieces ... one picture
Many people find that once they have a feel for the whole Old Testament story it is easier to understand the individual books on their own.
The Old Testament can be summarized in seven key episodes..
How do I make sense of the Old Testament?
What are the main styles of writing in the Old Testament?
The Law
Why read the Old Testament?
The Old Testament was Jesus' Bible.

In many ways The Old Testament looks forward to the New Testament.

The Old Testament speaks to us with stories and life journeys we can relate to today.
The Bible

Who are the great OT heroes?
Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rachel, Rebekah, Jacob, Joseph, Benjamin, Moses, Ruth, Naomi, Jesse, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Esther, Jonah and so
Where can I find resources for my research?

1 Beginnings: Genesis
2 Abraham: Genesis.
3 Freedom: Exodus., Lev, Num., Deut.,
4 Settling in: Joshua, Judges,
5 Three kings: I Samuel - 1 Kings
6 A divided nation: 1 Kings...
7 Exile & return: Jeremiah...
The Old Testament:
Life is a Journey...

The best way to help us get the most out of the books of the Old Testament are by understanding what the stories meant to the first listeners as well as how they can apply to our lives today.
The Old Testament is more than half the Bible.

Why is the Old Testament in our bible?

What can we learn from it today?
Lots of places! The SHC intranet, Youth Bible, Children's Bible App, KWL, Bible Gateway (online), bible animations, Hastings, S., Children's Illustrated Bible (1994) London, Dorling Kindersley.
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