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Unit 1 Presentation - Anna Garcia Case

No description

Rachel Mgbeike

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1 Presentation - Anna Garcia Case

Unit 1
Anna Garcia Case

Persons of Interest
Autopsy Report
Date and Time of Autopsy: August 15, 11:00 AM
Performed By: Dr. King
Probable Cause of Death
Anna probably died of heart failure due to a blood clot. Her occupation, working at a bakery, and her diet could have contributed to this

By: Autumn, Karen, and Rachel M
Principles of Biomedical Science
Mr. Bulut
About the Victim
Name: Anna Garcia

Age: 38

Weight: 165

Height: 64 inches

Race: Hispanic

Sex: Female

Date of death: August 13th

Time of Death: 7:00 AM
Alex Garcia

Lucy Leffingwell
From https://twitter.com/alexgarciafans
From http://www.classtools.net/FB/1533-u4B29e
Doug Greene
From http://www.drbilldean.com/2012/10/womens-health-and-disease-prevention.html/happy-smiling-hispanic-woman
Erica Piedmont
On August 13th, on a hot, summer morning, victim Anna Garcia was found dead in her apartment, lying headlong in the entryway. Doug Greene reported his concern for his neighbor, for her dog had been barking for an hour straight. The 911 operator dispatched police and EMT's who, upon declaring Anna dead, dispatched CSI's and Medical Examiners to the crime scene.
Alex and Anna went through a divorce
and quickly remarried a younger woman.
(Anna's best friend)
They work together at
Anna's bakery, but recently,
they've been arguing
over the bakery.
(Alex's new wife)
She was sitting in the car
parked on the street in
front of Anna's house the
day before her death
(Anna's neighbor)
Last saw Anna walking her dog the day before she died at 6:45 am.
He was in a relationship
with Anna. It ended a week before her death
Had last seen Anna the night
before her death.
Possible Motive
Alex is still the beneficiary on Anna’s life insurance plan
Shoe Prints
A pair of bloody footprints were found at the crime scene. The shoeprints belong to
Anna Garcia.
From http://pngimg.com/download/3547
Possible Motive
Revenge on Anna for breaking up with him.
From http://community-sitcom.wikia.com/wiki/File:Exes.png
Possible Motive
Blood Type
Mad about recent arguments with Anna
Finger Prints
The fingerprints found at the crime scene were radial and loop and the person who has the exact finger print was
Alex Garcia
DNA Analysis
Crime Scene Sketch
awesome drawing skills by Rachel :)
Things Collected at the Crime Scene
With the blood found in the crime scene and the victim's blood, we determined by
Gel Electrophoresis to get the DNA results. This makes the DNA into long and short strands. We determined that the DNA in the crime scene was
Anna Garcia.
1. A strand of hair
2. Vomit
3. A broken side table
4. Pills
5. Empty Syringe
6. Cup with Fingerprints
7. Left/Right Footprints
8. Fallen Lamp
9. Spilled Drink
10. Blood Spatter from victim's head
Unknown Substance
From http://truecrimejunkie.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/
In the crime scene, there was an unknown substance. To find out what is was, we had to get the
physical characteristics and reactions with three indicators.
With that, we found that it was an
Time of Death
Toxicology Lab Results:
Traces of acetylsalicylic acid present.
NO evidence of overdose in blood

External Examination
Looks normal and well-nourished
Vomit traces found on blouse

Head and Neck:
Injury to the right temple; no fracture
Pre-mortem bruising is evident. Open wound is present
Neck shows no sign of injury.

No visible sign of trauma. Abdomen is bloated

The ankles are swollen with fluid accumulation.
The graying fingernails, indicate low oxygen.
The right proximal humerus shows signs of a recently healed break, as does the left distal tibia.
Inflamed, red injection sites on left thigh.

Other Injuries:
Right elbow bruise, 2 cm in diameter, limited discoloration.

Anna's core temperature after her death was 92.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using the Glastier equation and Anna's rectal temperature, the time of death was determined to be at
7 am.
Hair Strand
The hair at the crime scene has been compared to other hair of the suspects. After studying the medullas of each subject's hair samples, it has been concluded that the hair strand belongs to
Anna Garcia
Blood Droplets
After careful investigation and studying the behavior of blood droplets, we concluded that
Anna Garcia was injured as she fell down
, hitting her head on the table.
The blood that was found at the crime scene was
type B

With the evidence found, we found out that the blood belonged to
Anna Garcia
Anna's Manner of Death
From http://www.rockwallpolice.org/cid/crimsescene.asp
From http://www.rockwallpolice.org/cid/crimsescene.asp
Possible Motives
Wanted to benefit from the insurance, too
Wanted to get rid of Alex's ex for good
From https://www.pinterest.com/judi561/hair/
From https://goingtothechapelct.wordpress.com/tag/wedding-cake/
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