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Environmental Brochure

No description

Emsee Williams

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Brochure

Brochure Find the English words
for these:
Because trees remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe.
Because trees produce large amounts of oxygen.
Because trees help recycle water.
Because trees prevent soil loss.
Because trees create shade.
Because trees provide homes for animals. Make 3 sentences:
Find these
sentences: "Why should we
recycle?" Make 2 sentences: Word Search! "Why should we
plant trees?" Because trees _______ Because it _____. Because it saves valuable landfill space.
Because it reduces trash and litter.
Because it conserves natural resources.
Because it saves energy.
Because it reduces pollution. Encourage your whole family
to conserve water. When you are feeling a bit chilly,
put on a sweater
instead of turning on the heat. Always make sure
to turn off the lights. It is good for your body
and it helps the environment. Buy solar powered devices,
calculators and games
instead of battery-powered ones. fg hgh
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