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GCSE DT: Product Design - How to Annotate a design idea

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alun hughes

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of GCSE DT: Product Design - How to Annotate a design idea

How to Annotate a design idea
What is the purpose your design? Is it an effective product? Does it meet the product design specification requirements?
Who is going to use your product? Who is going to purchase your product? Who's the target market? Is the design suitable for your target market? Explain your opinions.
What does your client think of the design idea?
What is the size? Is this appropriate? Is the design ergonomic? How have you designed it so it's easy & comfortable for the user to use?
Will this design be safe to use? How can you be sure? What safety constraints have you taken in to account?
Production Processes
Will the design be cost effective if produced as a one-off, or does it lend itself to a batch, mass or continuous production process? Explain your opinion.
Comment on the aesthetic qualities of the design. Describe the colour, shape & design of your idea. Where did you get the inspiration from? Why have you chosen certain colour schemes? What finish do you intend to use?
What is the environmental impact of the design? Can you recycle it? Has the idea been designed sustainably? Does the design affect social, moral, cultural issues at all? Be careful & globally aware when designing a product e.g. the colour red in China means "good luck", but in South Africa it means "mourning".
What manufacturing processes will you need to consider to make this particular design? What materials will be used & why? Any joints? Any finishing techniques? What research will need to be conducted in order to develop this design idea in to a functioning product?
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