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World Problems

No description

Alex y.

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of World Problems

Developing Countries
Population: 16,899,327 est (country comparison to the world: 63)

Age structure:
0-14 year old: 50% of population
15-24 years old:18.2% of population
25-54years old:25.9% of population
55-64 years old:3.3% of population
65+ years old:2.6%of population

( One problem: there are more children than adults it should be the opposite)

Population growth rate/Natural increase: 3.32% est

Birth rate :46.84 births/1,000 population (2013 est.(country comparison: 1 ) Problem: they do not control their birth rate.

Death rate: 13.07 deaths/1,000 population est
(country comparison to the world: 21)Problem the people are dieing because of disease and hunger.

There must be change for a better world and society. We can change by help the ones that in need for our support.
Imagine this ...
Imagine that suddenly this developed city had no power, clean water, little food, bad economy , corrupted/ weak government, treacherous terrain , extreme climate, no education, poor health care, unbalanced age structure and many natural disasters.
Well by now...
Our city will go...

Well every day that what people in Niger face all these hardships and barriers. They had not gone crazy because they use to it by birth right and its own history, these several factors why they must suffer this pain.
1.Niger is rate the low Human Development Index (HDI) out all 186 countries in the world.
2.It is located in center north in Africa in the middle of a hot desert
3. It is always hot , dry, not fertile soil to grow crops and it almost never rains.
That's not the main problem .
see this HDI for example ...
4. The population don't have money to leave this country.
5. Other countries do not except them as immigrants.
Infant mortality rate: 87.98 deaths/1,000 live births
country comparison to the world: 7( Problem too many deaths cause by many factors)
Life expectancy: 57.6
Life comparison to the world: 207
Fertility rate: 7.03 children per female est

Health conditions : very poor , because of expensive far away clinics and limited health supplies so people can get disease such as HIV , bacterial and , hepatitis A .

Literacy Rate: 28.7% out of the whole population. This means that not all people have education. When there is no education this mean the the country itself is weak.

Products/ exports: peanuts, cow peas, cotton, rice cattle and live stock. Industrial product like: food processors, coal, gold ,soup, brick, cement, chemicals , textiles and uranium ore.

Urbanization:17.8 of the population that is living in a urban community.

School Life Expectancy: Total of 6 years

GDP: 6.575 million

These info can tell how well or bad a country is living, the chart shown that averagely this country is living in a devastating stage of living. These citizens are not reach basic living circumstances such as healthcare, education and a stable economy.

My Plan of Success
1. Make organization .
2. Get friends and family to help.
3. Research about Niger and what do they need most. Ex: medical care, food, clothing and etc.
4. Make advertisement of donate old clothes, can food, shoes, books and etc.
5. Get government funding if need.
6. Hired doctors/ nurses, teachers volunteers to go to Niger and help the people that are in need and educate them more.
7. Every month send one person to deliver all the donated goods to Niger.
8. Success!
Let's focus on what Niger needs have a better standard of living.
Healthcare: The one important care that keeps everybody healthy and strong . Without it we have already wipe out trillion years ago. Healthcare helps educate people how to improve sanitation and prevent unwanted diseases and injuries.

Education: is another factor make a country stable. People can be educated by learn how to survive in today competitive society and have knowledge to a better economy and improved government.

Food/ Clean Water: are one the most important things in order for everyone to thrive in a country. It helps people to get energy to work.

Surprisingly Niger does not have these simple factors to help themselves.

Step: 1
The developing country government receives the money that is donated by us. That's suppose to donate to the people who need it.
Step: 2
The government use 90 % of the money to use on investments, business, industrial projects, or keep it to themselves. This money only benefit to them.
Step: 3
Citizen don't get the money that they need. So they suffer this pain and country has no improvement and it will continue in this cycle until somebody make a milestone to extinct this process of nightmares.
How is Niger Government unfair.
Well most people donate money to poor countries but people don't know where the goes? Well the organization that you donated money to goes to the government. And this is how money is use.
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