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KGV Europe

No description

Ela B

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of KGV Europe

KGV Europe
Marketing study - age groups
average spending highest in the 41-60 age group

over 60 age group will spend the most in the next 10 years

different age groups have
different preferences
KGV Europe's solutions
disagreements between director and financial director
Marketing study - customers
70% will buy via the internet

65% under 30 shop online

KGV needs wider product range
traditional high street music retailer

based in Amsterdam

65 stores in Europe
Our solutions
profits steadily falling

fierce competition

narrow product range

lack of innovation
Director's solutions
sell stores, set up an e-commerce operation

savings, lower overheads and wage bills

[ no experience in that area ]
[ leave out older customers ]
FD's solutions
hire creative ad agency

hire consultant to examine the product range

stay in the high street
keep bigger and medium-sized stores in major areas

sell smaller stores that bring little to no profit

set up e-commerce operation with the money
set up web store

CDs, concert tickets,
instrument rentals

ads on social networking websites

target younger customer base
creative ad agency

develop relationships with
(music) schools

outreach programs

target younger and older customer bases
Thank you for your attention.
Any questions?
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