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renewable energy research


lauren england

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of renewable energy research

Geothermal Energy My energy source
comes from heat
within the Earth. Hot Spots= New Zealand,
Iceland, Norway, and Sweden Geothermal Energy has been used successfully
since ancient times
by the Romans, Chinese,
and Native americans. They used to steam and hot springs for its healing powers Where in the U.S is Geothermal energy most abundant? EPA says that Geothermal energy plants are the
most energy efficient.

Geothermal energy can heat buildings!

The energy plants produce 97% less acid rain
causing sulfur compounds produced by fossil feuls.

Release 1% of the carbon dioxide emmisions
of a fossil feul plant.

Geothermal energy plants work 24 hours a day 365
days a year! ADVANTAGE DISADVANTAGE Some Geothermal plants do produce sludge
that require disposal in approves sites.

The land surveys requireed to find proper building sites
may take several years.

Many spots that have been producing heat and steam for
many years may reach a limit and suddenly stop working.

Many of the areas great for geothermal plants are in harsh
regions of the world. Such as the poles or mountains. My energy source works by people pumping hot water and steam from the Earth by digging deep wells into the Earths core. Geothermal energy is sold at
$0.03 to $0.035 per Kwh.

Some can charge more at peak demand
periods. how did benjamin franklin feel when he discovered
Electricity? TURNED ON
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