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Workforce Management Presentation

No description

Hisham Hassan

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Workforce Management Presentation

Workforce Management
Workforce Management
As Mentioned Workforce Management is about having the
Right people
with the
right skills
at the
right time
but that's just
of what WFM Delivers, there are some
key points
that a workforce department is responsible for.
Workforce Management Key points
Reducing costs
- Typically around 70% of a call centre's costs are salaries, but, getting the right number of people to do the work required is a complex task,
WFM Departments need to make sure that the staffing costs are optimized.
Successfully balancing supply and demand
based on achieving or exceeding certain service level standards / Target of Sales.
Creating a better place to work
– maintaining schedules according to supply and demand but at the same time making sure that the company employees are not over worked, for example an
agent eventually will be a
How Can we Implement WFM
Some Call Centres Use's Excel sheets with an Erlang C Add-in to Manage their call centres while Other Call Centres goes a different way ( a More Efficient way) which is purchasing a WFM System.
What Is Workforce Management?
Workforce Management is the
of any effective cost efficient call centre.
The Main Objective(
The Root
) for Workforce Management is having the
right people
with the
right skills
at the
right time
to do
the work needed
Sample of Current Issues
we have some issue's with our Operations that can be Solved by using
Workforce Management.
This sample was chosen to show how big of an
one small issue can Cause
WFM System
There are Multiple WFM System to place in consideration for every call centre , each is based on what the call centre needs
Nice IEX
Aspect eWFM

Right Time
Right Skills
Being Able to transfer the call to an Internal Department because the line's are
in that department
Not Being Able to Achieve
of Sales or
more sales
than we are currently getting.
High Average Speed of Answer and Low Service Level -
Customers hate being placed on hold while waiting for assistance , for customer service customers that will increase the customers frustration which reduces his satisfaction with the product, for Sales Customers that can drive the customer into losing interest in purchasing the product.
Happy Customer!!
(Buying Customer)
Current Staff requisition is not being based on statistical patterns
- As there are no Calculations for Departments that are understaffed / Over Staffed , the Requests that we receive are not really Accurate which Leads to....

Which Leads To....
Having Excessive / Shortage of Agents in Some Department
- Which is costing us money and Leads To:-
Agents not Being properly Utilized
- Meaning an Agent can be Overworked or underworkd , both Scenarios are bad becasue:-
An underworked
agent will suffer boredom and will eventually start acting in an
An Overworked

Agent will gain increased
Cancer of Call Centres
) which will cause his productivity to drop to
dramatic levels
Which Starts Effecting....
Which Cause's...
Which Eventually Means...
How can we Fix it???
How Can We fix it?
Having Agents
on the inbound Queue to take the transfers from other departments meaning...
Higher Sales!!
We Will Have
Schedules for the Agents so they wouldn't be underworked/overworked ,
and leading to....

we are Able to Calculate the Amount of staff each department needs so the
staff requisition
would be
, also..
Happy Customers, or to be More Accurate ,
Happy PAYING Customers
leading to..
With Workforce Management!!
Workforce Management Provides Multiple Solution and is vital for the Company to have it going around like Clockwork
hmm, I Think i need more Agents
Hello, How Can i Help You?
Which in All Cases Means increasing the Company's revenue
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